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third person

the living room in madelaine and willow's apartment stayed quiet as david, willow, zane, todd, heath and jason placed their ears against the door of the room madelaine currently was with god himself. shawn mendes. the room was another definition of quiet. both of them sat there and didn't talk, but stare around madelaine's slightly empty room.

"just fuck in there now, would ya?" zane bangs on the door. everybody else lets out muffled laughs since they were trying to not get caught, but zane obviously gave it up. madelaine, without a word, decided to get up from the bed and opened the door. everyone who was being nosy fell to the floor as madelaine forcefully opened the door.

"what are you doing? your mans is clearly waiting for you." willow jokes, picking herself up from the ground. madelaine doesn't waste time in sending her best friend and roommate a nasty glare.

she huffs in a breath and crosses her arms against her chest. "can i just have one moment with you before i strangle the rest of these idiots."

"you can go back inside the room and give shawn a moment too." willow says as she is now walking to kitchen with madelaine following right behind her.

"you fucking knew about this and yet you refused to tell me! why willow, just why? you could have at least warned me some celebrity was gonna be at our apartment. you know, the same place where i said those stupid words." by the tone of her voice, you can easily tell madelaine was very bothered.

willow purses her lips. "give it time. sooner or later, you'll be kissing at his feet while he's too busy writing songs about you."

madelaine rolls her eyes. "nothing is ever going to happen between us! why can't you understand that? he's probably here because david forced him to come so things can stop getting rowdy for the both of us on social media."

"that is not true." willow shakes her head. "between me and you, david felt really bad about you constantly getting hate and wanted to surprise you with shawn so you guys can just get over it and become friends."

"oh, so you guys are playing match maker now?"

willow refuses to answer that question. instead, she says something else. "get your cute butt back into that room and start chatting with that fine piece of canadian ass. you know, if the both of you end up dating, i'll be here repeatedly saying "i told you so" when you come back with a stupid smirk on your face after he asks you out."

"gee thanks." madelaine chuckles. "but it's not gonna happen. so whatever little fantasy you have of him and i - you should consider throwing it into the basket inside your brain called 'failed attempts.'"