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Gaige did not have a ride. He hadn't any idea what Milton -his morning ride- was doing today after school. Alexia had looked slightly disappointed after Gaige had turned her down when she offered a ride to him. Alexia was alright, nice, a little too desperate, but Gaige didn't want to ride with a stranger. 

Until school ended and he walked out the door after all the other students had stampeded, and the temperature was at least thirty degrees colder. Or, at least it felt like it to Gaige, who's body temperate was never in the warm. His sweatshirt and windbreaker layered on top did not fight the cold air of Michigan weather. 

He didn't know what'd he do. It was freezing, colder then he could ever remember walking or running in. But really that was his only option, was it not? Gaige didn't have his step-brothers number or schedule. Technically he could message Alexia on snapchat, but what if she'd already left? That'd be rude to ask her to come back to school just to give him a ride because he misinterpreted the weather.

Gaige closed his eyes and laid his head against the tile of the doorway. The tile was cold too. Like Gaige's fingers, cold ice sticks. He pulled down his sleeves around his hands and pulled up his pants that had fallen a little too low on his hips. They were getting too loose again. He needed a belt. And a scale. He needed money and a car and a trip to target. 

"Uh..." Gaige pulled open his tired eyelids at the voice that sounded the tiniest familiar. A boy drowning in a chunky navy blue sweater, khaki pants, and round frames over the faintest little freckles on his cheeks. When Gaige's eyes open onto him, the familiar face of a boy whose name starts with an A, the boy blushes the tiniest bit and shuffles his feet, "Are you alright?"

He was the boy with the tripod and Alexia yesterday. The director kid, the one in charge with a weird, unique name. Asteroid. No, uh...Adonis. Adonis, like some greek or roman warrior not a shy boy with fluffy blonde hair and wide-set ears. He was shorter than Gaige by nearly half a foot. 

Gaige pushed himself with his shoulder off the tile of the wall, licks his dry lips and rubs his left eye before even bothering to answer Adonis, who's far too polite for Gaige's attention.


Adonis frowned, Gaige's tone was quick, deep and not at all convincing. But what did Adonis know? He'd just watch Alexia talk with this mysterious boy yesterday in the hall after school with wide eyes not saying a thing. He had nothing to judge Gaige's tone on but common sense and what he knew of other peoples tones and emotional connections. 

"Oh," Adnois thought something was wrong, but he was a behind the camera guy. He didn't confront he didn't talk to strangers, "Uh, are you waiting for a ride?"

Gaige lifted an eyebrow, so slowly like the person holding the string attached to his eyebrow had was hesitant to make his cue. His eyes cut down to the boy's hands. One was nervously wrapped around the strap of his light blue Kanken backpack, and the other was gripping a hand of keys with a white lanyard and some text on it. 

Gaige rose his eyes back to the smaller boys green hazel ones, "No. No ride to wait for," To be honest, this was the most amount of words Gaige could recall saying to anyone at the school -other than Penny and her friends. And Alexia.

Adonis grabbed his lower lip with his straight white teeth, turned his head to the clear doors that lead to the shockingly freezing parking lot and back to Gaige with a face that looked like it was going through some serious confusion.

"Uh," Adonis rubbed the skin behind his left ear, making his glasses bob a smidge when he bumped the arm. His various keys jingled and clinked together, seeing as he was using the hand with his keys of course, "Well..." Gaige didn't say anything as he waited for the boy to finish whatever was tangled up on his tongue, "I...I can give you ride home."

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