Rescue- Merome

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Mitch's P.O.V.

I lifted my head, the room quiet and peace filling my body as I realised that no one was there. There was only the heavy breathing of the other like me in the room, many of them drugged to the point of unconsciousness because they had been too rowdy, had just been sold or had just arrived.

I knew it wasn't a pleasant experience, I had been drugged on multiple occasions so the ones who bought us here could get my cooperation, despite not wanting to do anything they asked. I felt sick thinking about it because I wasn't drugged because I was too rowdy, I was drugged so they could sell my body.

We, as in nekos, were living in cages, cramped boxes that were no more than 4 foot by 4 foot and they were so short that only children could sit up in them, if they were there. The children were the first ones to go, so I didn't see any very often.

I wound my tail around my wrist, a thick brown tail that was fluffy and poofy, the same colour as my hair. Among my hair was a pair of cat ears, small triangles that weren't visible most of the time because of their camouflaging colours, so unless you looked closely, you wouldn't know they were there.

I tried to sleep, knowing that the next morning they would all be back and I would have to go through the trauma all over again, just like every other day.


I was shaking. There was bloodstains on my already dirty clothing, my fingers were trembling and I could barely move because of the pain that wracked my body. It wasn't any different than normal, I was in this pain everyday, but things were getting worse.

I wasn't allowed time to heal so every time I got injured again, the injuries got worse and worse. Of course they didn't care, I was just there to make him money and if I died or was in pain, so what? They could always replace me with another neko who was in better health and because no one would buy an injured neko I was unless to them.

Even though it was only 11 in the morning, before the buyers started coming in, I was ready to give up. The way it worked was in the evening and well into the night, nekos like me were sold out to buyers for the night, we slept from early morning to between 10 and 11am, not very long, and in the afternoon the buyers came in to take home a neko permanently.

I often caught up on sleep when the buyers were there, they all ignored me because of how malnourished and injured I obviously was. The others, the ones who had a chance of being bought, were kept under a watchful eye from the guards and were beaten if they fell asleep.

I jumped when a guard banged a piece of metal on one of the cages, startling everyone until they were wide awake.

"EVERYONE AWAKE! BUYERS ARE HERE!!!" I sighed and closed my eyes, settling down for a few hours of inconsiderate dickheads trying to kick me through the bars, spitting on me or screaming in my face.

Nothing was different until literally a few minutes before the guards came in and started preparing us for the night, when a young man started walking through the aisle of cages. What I noticed was that he was eyeing the more exhausted nekos, the injured or malnourished ones.

I watched him curiously. Why he was looking at the one usually ignored was intriguing to me and I watched him for a few minutes as he wandered but eventually I tried to go back to sleep, sure he wouldn't even bother to look at me.

"That one." There was a snort.

"You sure? He's one of our oldest and he's on his way out, might last another few months at most."

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