How To Make Yourself Popular

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A/N so a couple of people have asked me how to make their story popular or how to promote their story! Honestly, I have no idea why they're asking me but since a couple people asked I thought I'd make a quick couple of chapters on how to make your story popular.  

Chapter 1: How to make yourself popular! 

Firstly, in order to make your story popular, you should make yourself popular! That way many more people will know about your stories. As well as this, your username might pop up under the recommended peoples list and so others besides your fans will know about you :D 

Ways to do this: 

1) Follow heaps of people -> Go on a following spree and just follow tons of people. By doing this, you are putting yourself out there and making yourself known to other people! 

2) Once you've followed people and they (hoping they do) say "Thanks for following" etc... Ask them KINDLY to follow back -> Just be like "No Problems! If it's not too much trouble, would you mind following me back?" Something like that. It's simple, to the point and it's kind. If they say something about why they can't/won't follow you back, accept that fact kindly and move on. 

3) If someone follows you ask them why they followed you -> this helps to know what people like or seem to like about you and by knowing this, you are able to improve your bio or something and by knowing why people followed you, you're able to emphasise those factors about you. Don't bother asking people that just follow people for the fun of it but rather ask others. Say something like "Thanks for following. Just curious, why did you follow me?" Something simple like that.  

4) Find random people, and message them something that you have in common with them or something funny -> my friend did this on my account and it actually works. She went to one of my follower's accounts and started clicking on random people. She looked through their bio and then if there was something in common between me and that person, she messaged them and said something. By doing this, it strikes up a conversation and who know's, they might follow you because of that. You can say something like "Hey I Love One Direction Too :) Who's your favourite?" Or something simple like that! Of course it doesn't have to be about 1D! It could be anything!  

5) When messaging someone (to do with point 4) use smileys/emoticons(this one's kind of just for fun... so you don't really have to pay attention to this one!) -> Smileys/emoticons make you seem friendly and nice. Of course you can't overuse them because that's weird but use them on the occasion  

DON'T DO THIS -> Hi :D How are you? :D :D :D :D :) :) -> TOO MANY SMILEYS/EMOTICONS!!!! 

DO THIS (or something like this) -> Hey :) how are you? -> See! Only one smiley!!!! But it does the job :)  

6) Make your profile pic something that lots of people would love and that shows others what you like -> For example, my profile pic used to be Doraemon. It didn't show anything about me since I don't exactly like Doraemon. Once I changed my profile pic to picture of one direction, it showed something about me (that I love 1D) and I got a lot more followers as others saw that I loved one direction and followed me.  

7) Make your username something interesting but something that a range of people would be intrigued by -> don't have your username as something like rebecca213. That's really boring and doesn't make you look interesting so won't get you many followers! Make it interesting. So for example. Bex_the_box is lot more interesting than my original username Rebecca.yee2. With bex_the_box it also can be the start of a conversation as someone actually asked me are you in a box? So try to make your username something interesting, something that will interest a lot of people and something that maybe could start a conversation.  

8) Make your profile/bio about yourself interesting! -> If your bio is interesting then you may get more followers! A few people have said that the reason they followed me was because I seemed funny and this can only be shown from my bio.  

9) Make your thank you message funny or interesting-> be creative! Don't just say "Thanks for following!" That's what everyone says! Make it funny! That way others may see it, and they'll fan you because you're funny. For example, with directioners my thank you message involves 1D and Me.  

Me: Hi *waves* thanks for  

Louis: being fabuLOUIS and following! 

Harry: It's extraordinHARRY, boobear 

Liam: No it's BrilLIAM 

Niall: No it's PhenomiNIALL 

Zayn: Lads, we all know it's AmaZAYN 

Me: Anyways, feel free to PM or chat to me  

Louis: or me 

Liam: or me 

Zayn: or me 

Niall: or me 

Harry: or me 

Me: Whenever! Guys seriously cut it out!!! Anyways thanks for fanning.  

See! Much more interesting than "Thanks for following" I 've also seen one that uses the lyrics from call me maybe :D So come up with some interesting thank you message and others might see it :D But please do not copy mine!!! 

10) Talk to people!! Make friends -> this is pretty self-explanatory. And I mentioned this before 

A/N Well, I hope this helped :D The next chapter will be on how to make your book popular! And then that will most probably be the end.... I'll see :D I might do another How To... PM Me any suggestions and I might think of doing it when I have time. Btw, none of these are guaranteed to work! It's just suggestions so I'm sorry if they don't work!! Hope these helped though :) 

~Rebecca xx

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