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"Calum, come in here and take a listen, tell me if this sounds okay" was the first thing that Calum heard, snapping him out of his trance.

His best friend, Ashton, was an aspiring musician. Never wanting to be the next Ed Sheeran, touring the world and leaving his life behind, but just being able to produce his own music, perform gigs, and have a stable fan base.

Calum had always supported Ashton's aspirations since the very day they became close friends, which is why he now has a part time job in a record shop, on top of his music production course at college (idk I'm British but it's like an art school for 18+ lowkey Hollywood Arts) to provide for both boys, as Ashton was not earning a lot of money from his music at the time.

Calum kept his job at the record shop as he saw it as a good opportunity to promote his best friends work, which also has his own name credited, as he used his skills from his college course to help produce Ashton's music.

Calum was also quite a big fan of music himself, teaching himself how to play the bass, guitar and piano throughout high school, which was also the same topic that he and Ashton bonded over.

Performing though? Definitely not his thing.

With a groan, Calum pushed himself up out of the stiff, studio chair and made his way over to where Ashton had recorded a guitar riff, to which later Calum would combine with the bass track he recorded earlier.

He placed the headphones on his head and listened to the masterpiece that his best friend had once again been able to create. Ashton never failed to overwhelm Calum with his talent.

"That's really good Ash" Calum told the curly haired boy, to which he smiled in return. "I've gotta head off to work, but do you want to do some vocals while I'm gone? I'll come back later and I'll put it all together" (I have no clue about this pls cut me some slack)

Ashton nodded "See you later Cal", he said while patting the dark haired boy on the back.

Calum grabbed his jacket, before leaving to begin the short walk to walk, ready to promote Ashton's older single, trying to gain him some fans in preparation for his upcoming music.

Calum slowly made his way through the streets of Los Angeles, to a more desolate area of the city. His headphones were softly playing green day, which set the mood for his basic afternoon.

It was a Saturday, meaning he didn't need to college today, which allowed for him to spend the morning with Ashton in the studio, before his shift in the early afternoon.

He loved the days he could spend like this, helping his best friend achieve his dreams, to then go and earn some money for a few hours on his shift. His shift ended early enough for him to spend the evening with Ashton back at their apartment, usually binge watching supernatural on Netflix with a Pizza or a Chinese, discussing their plans and ideas for future music they could produce, to build on Ashton's music career.

Calum had a peaceful, content life. Though he sometimes wished something new would come along to spice it up a little.

Okkk so this story will most likely be mainly telling things from Michael's life, but I am planning a sequel which will be Lashton based, which will explain Ashton and Calum's life more before Michael and Luke move to LA, and how Luke and Ashton's friendship (and maybe relationship 😏)builds when they meet. Sound good?

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