Chapter 4

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That deep breath gave me enough strength to walk to my car, only for me to stop. I didn't normally get into these situations which is why I didn't take a step further. There was a tall figure leaning against my car and although I couldn't see him very clearly in the shadows, I had a feeling it was the giant dick that grabbed my ass and had a firm red handprint that shadowed my exact feelings towards that move. 

I had the good intention of backing up slowly and going back into the bar to ask the barmen if he would lead me safely to my car but I never made it that far. I felt a hand grip my arm from behind me and when I spun around to face him he pushed me towards the building up against the wall. 

"Where ya going princess?" His words came out hard and I could smell the alcohol on his breath. "Ya know, you dressed like that, was bound to make a statment here at the club. Were you just waiting for someone to know how to ravage you?"

He was revolting. I couldn't even get a good glimpse of his face since he had me pressed against the wall hard and had pressed his warm arm hard against my body, which limited my movements. I felt his face come closer to my hair and I could feel him smell my hair.

"God, you even smell like a princess." I could hear the grin in his voice and I began to panick slightly. I didn't want to be weak and I also didn't want to give him an excuse to hit me. I had no idea what these types of men were capable of and I didn't necessarily want to find out from him. 

"Get the hell off of me!" My voice came out in a screech that hurt even my ears. "Was the slap in the face not reason enough to tell you that I was not interested?" I tried to push away with my body but he pushed me tighter into the wall and now had both hands pushed against my arms. He ground his hips into me and I gasped, completely disgusted at this man who thought he had the right to even touch me. 

As he backed away slightly, I saw my only opportunity and lifted my knee high until it hit his ever precious member of the family and he groaned. He didn't quite let go until I slammed the stilleto heel of my shoe right into his foot as hard as I could. He finally let go and I pushed him away as I tried to move quickly to my car. Apparently I didn't hurt him quite as hard as I hoped to and as I was only about a foot or two away from my car he grabbed my arm hard and twisted it towards him. 

I couldn't help but let out a groan of pain, and I tried to pull his hand off of my arm. "Get the fuck off of me!" I screamed again and I was ready to take the key in my hand and stab him with it. 

The next second I knew however he was off of me and I watched as a large man punched him in the face repeatedly. "The lady said to back the fuck off, Skinner." His voice was deadly and threatening and I flinched myself. Skinner slowly sat up as the larger man backed off of him wiped his face and leaned away to spit the blood out of his mouth. He finally got up after a moment and walked back towards the bar without a backward glance. 

The larger man didn't look at me for a moment until I cleared my throat. 

"Thank you." 

"Terror asked if I would follow you out." He still didn't look directly at me, but I finally recognized him. He was the bearded man that stood by the door as I told my tale to Miles. Standing closer to him and watching what he did to the man skinner, he seemed to be even more intimidating and more God like. In this light it really seemed as if his skin were just swirls of colors instead of the pale skin that I could see. 

"I'm sorry, who is Terror?" I asked.

He looked at me then, "Your father."

I clasped my hands together and just hummed in response. "Well, thank you. I hope you have a good evening." I turned again towards my car and finally opened up my car door. Before I could step in though I heard his voice. 

"I'd be on the look out princess. You don't know what you just got yourself into." His voice was soft but the words were threatening. 

"Is that a threat?" My voice rang out sharp and I didn't really know if I wanted an answer to my question. 

"It's a warning."

If he was waiting for my response he didn't show it because he just stood there until I shut myself in my car and turned it on. It was only when I pulled out of the lot that he slowly turned and walked inside. 

The drive felt to be much shorter than on the way here and I felt myself gaining more courage and more peace as I saw the more familiar area of my home. 

It wasn't until I pulled into my parking spot and walked into my apartment that I tore off my shoes and undressed completely. I slumped onto my bed in nothing but my underwear to finally process what I had learned. 

Miles or Terror, whatever you wanted to call him, knew that I had existed to a point. It seemed as though he knew I was conceived, but never lived. I couldn't tell if he was happy or upset at the point that I lived and honestly couldn't tell if he really wanted me. 

What I could see though is that there was something in the fact that he had a daughter that gave way to a certain softness that I hadn't seen until I looked into his eyes. There was something there. Whether it be longing or mourning of a loss he had, there was something and she was determined to hold onto it. 

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