Chapter 3

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I pulled into what looked like an older building with limited parking. There were so many bikes out front that for the first time since I set off on her drive to the bar from work I started to really get nervous. I felt my palms begin to sweat and tried to dry them on my perfectly fitted dark pair of waist high trousers I was wearing that day. Looking down at my trousers, I knew that I was going to stick out like a sour thumb. I was wearing my nice fitted waist high trousers, with a pair of nude pointed toe pumps, and a white sleeveless loose fitting button up top, that was slopping into a v and gave me, what I felt, just the right amount of femininity. I had my highlighted blonde hair lightly waved. Overall I looked like a posh princess stepping into the dump of sweat and alcohol. 

I quickly grabbed the file I had spent way too long putting together and fidgetted with it just for a moment. I could feel my heart pumping and my pulse was raising. My stomach was in butterflies and I had to tell myself to take three deep breathes before getting out of the car. 'Just think of it as going to court, Mia, your presenting your case, presenting the evidence, and it's up to him to decide what to do with it.' I tried to comfort myself. 

With my last big exhale I opened the door and stepped out. It was a bit dark for my taste and the lighting outside of the building was significantly underwhelming. The windows that I could see had been taped up with newspaper, and as far as I could see it looked packed for a Thursday evening. Before I could psych myself out even more than I was I quickly ignored how dirty the door looked and pulled open the door and walked in. 

To say I stuck out, would be putting it lightly. The place was dark, but not dark enough to hide the fact that I was probably the only one wearing any type of color, or in all honesty not showing the skin of my entire body. I was right in saying that it was packed, because it was. It looked like this place was frequented by dirty bikers and prostitutes. I tried not to wrinkle my nose in disgust at the overwhelming smell of body odor, cheap perfume, and alcohol as I took careful steps further into the bar. 

I had come this close, I wasn't going to back away until this was done. I gripped my folder even tighter as I scanned the room as quickly as I could and headed towards the bar. Before I could even make it there, I felt a man's hand grab my ass hard. My self-protection instincts came too soon for me to think rationally as I reared back and slapped the man's face as hard as I could. 

"Excuse me asshole!" I growled. 

His face held shock and with the shock he let go and I hurried myself to the bar as quickly as I could before the asshole could come to his senses and sought vengence. The bar tender who was quite handsome and clean shaven, although covered with tattoos, hadn't taken his eyes off of me since I had entered the room came up to the side of the bar that I was closest to. 

I didn't sit down and with a quirk of his brow at me, I stated, "I'm looking for a Miles Lancaster. This is the only address I have for him." I hoped that my tone carried authority since their was adrenaline spiking throughout my body. I was cursing myself for not taking Jules up on her offer of accompanying me. At least if she was here I wouldn't be alone, but I knew that this was something I had to do alone. 

The barman only continued to stare at me before he crossed both of his forearms across the bar and leaned in closer to me. 

"What would a girl like you, be needing from someone like Miles Lancaster?"  The way he said Miles's name was like it was a mockery and I knew that they probably didn't call him that, but it was the only thing I was going to call him at this point. I copied his body position although inwardly groaning at how sticky the bar top was.

"I think that that is between Mr. Lancaster and I, now isn't it?" I smiled sweetly at him and whatever it was that I said caused him to burst out laughing. I only raised a brow at his response and waited. 

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