❥|| Nighttime "I Love You"

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Sunny was sitting in a hotel room, alone. She was supposed to be sleeping but she couldn't. The group was farther from their dorms due to the performance they had in a certain area, so they just decided to stay somewhere closer.

Sunny was looking up at the ceiling. She threw the blankets off of her and sat up. She climbed out of the bed and threw on a jacket.

The staff was asleep and there wasn't really anyone waiting outside for them. She took that as an opportunity to go outside for free time for once in her life. She opened the hotel room door and was greeted by Mingyu standing in front of her.

"Were you about to...?" Sunny said, trailing off as she pointed to the fist Mingyu was holding up as he was getting ready to knock.

"Yeah..." Mingyu said, pulling his arm down to his side.

The two awkwardly laughed at each other and stood there for a second. Mingyu looked at the girl again, realizing that she had a jacket on.

"Where are you off to?" Mingyu asked, stepping back to look at the girl again.

"I wanted to go outside... I guess I can't now.. You can come in if you want." Sunny said, turning around.

"What are you talking about, we can still go outside." Mingyu said, pulling the girl to him.

Sunny was confused but excited at the same time. She shut the door quietly behind her and the two started to run down the halls of the hotel. Smiling like crazy, Mingyu admired the girl as she ran ahead.

The two made it out of the hotel and just stood there for a few seconds. Taking in the fresh air surrounding them. Sunny then took Mingyu's hand and started to run to a nearby seating area.

It was actually pretty to Sunny, there was two vending machines that were lit up with the color yellow. There were lights around it as well, just dim enough to where they could only see each other if they were close.

The two sat down on the bench and just kept the awkward silence going. That was until Sunny broke it.

"Come on. It was never this awkward between us before." Sunny said as she stood up.

She looked around the pretty area once again.

"Drinks?" She said, being silly by walking backwards towards the machines.

Mingyu nodded and stood up, walking a few steps with Sunny. The girl turned around and paid for two drinks, their favorites.

"Why did you get so jealous yesterday?" Sunny asked.

"I don't like it when you're with someone else." Mingyu said, answering the question pretty fast.

"Oh.. I'm sorry. I think we can work on that though." Sunny said as she took a sip of her drink.

"I was just being selfish." Mingyu looked at the girl as he spoke his words.

Sunny looked away quickly, getting shy in the moment. Her cheeks were cotton candy pink and she was trying to cover them with her jacket, but that didn't work since she only looked like a dork when she put her jacket up to her face.

"Cute." Mingyu said with a smile before pulling his phone out of his pocket.

Sunny stayed in her spot, trying to calm herself down so her blushing would stop. She heard a song start to play beside her. When she looked over, all she saw was Mingyu's phone sitting on the bench, playing a song which she loved.

The song was 'Pretty U' by her own group. She wasn't included in the song since she wasn't a member of Seventeen at the time. The song meant a lot to her since it was the first older seventeen song she got to perform when they added a part for her. When they did that, it also broke the standards for what girl idols "needed" to sing about.

Mingyu took the girls hands and brought her to her feet.

"You know this song?" Mingyu asked jokingly with a smile.

"I think I might." Sunny said, smiling as well.

The two of them were dancing around to the song in the chilly weather. Running in circles around the benches was something Sunny did and then she wondered why she was dizzy when she sat down for a second.

Once she would get back up, she would be throwing her hands in the air as she danced with Mingyu.

During the last "neo yeppeuda" Mingyu only grabbed the girl gently and kissed her on the cheek. The two still were too awkward to kiss on the lips even though they have before.

Sunny stood there with her sweater paws, holding her cheek. She smiled with Mingyu and hugged him tightly.

"I love you." Mingyu said, brushing his fingers threw the girls black hair.

Sunny was hesitant. They never had said "I love you" before since they thought it was too early into their relationship to really know their true feelings...

"I love you too Mingyu." Sunny said, looking up at the tall boy.

Sunny decided she was ready to say "I love you." She really did love him, no one else. Sunny felt Mingyu's grip tighten around her once she said those words and he placed another kiss on her head.

After all of their free time, they were happy as ever. Holding each other's hands as they walked back to the hotel with their drinks and happy smiles.

𝘼𝙝𝙝𝙝𝙝, 𝙢𝙮 𝙈𝙞𝙣𝙣𝙮 𝙝𝙚𝙖𝙧𝙩

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