Dinner & Wedgies

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"Baby you should go and love yourself," Justin sang to himself as he was writing some lyrics to Love Yourself as he and Shawn were getting ready to go out to dinner with his parents. He tapped his pen on the table for the beat as he continued on with lyrics. Shawn emerged into his room moments later, fumbling with a tie, not seemingly being able to get it on properly.

"Hey Justin, can you help me with this?" Shawn made a weird glance at the tie. Justin was still in music land and didn't hear him apparently as he was still writing lyrics. Shawn walked over and sat beside him, leaning his head on his shoulder. Justin finally noticed Shawn's presence in the room and ran his hand through his hair. "I like your music, big brother."
Justin smiled and wrapped an arm around him, "Thanks kid, I'm really feeling this song too."
Shawn smiled and continued to fumble with the tie in his hands.

"Hey, you almost ready?" Justin asked, tucking some loose hair behind Shawn's ear. Shawn nodded, "pretty much, I just need help with this," referring to the tie. Justin snickered, "I think you're being a little too formal. You don't need this, kiddo."
"You sure?" Shawn wasn't too sure of himself which is why he was over doing it a little. Justin nodded.
"Mhm, go put it away and finish up so we can go, but before you do," Justin rubbed Shawn's back, inching his hand lower and lower. Shawn was confused until realization hit him and he figured out what his big brother was going to do. "Oh no! Justin please!" He tried to get away but Justin already had a grip on his waistband.
"You know the rules, if I see undies they're gonna go up your ass!" Justin gave Shawn's tighty whiteys a brief yank, causing Shawn to be uncomfortable and squirm.
"You know better coming in here pants-less and wearing wedgie undies. Now hold still," Justin gave another firm tug, snuggly getting Shawn's undies stuck in between the teen's butt cheeks. He let go and gave him a little love tap on his backside, causing Shawn to blush in embarrassment. "Done. Go pull your wedgie out and finish up." Shawn glared at him as he pulled his briefs out and quickly made his way back to his bedroom mumbling a low, "jerk," in the process.

After he finished his lyrics, Justin was downstairs, looking at himself in the mirror. "Fine-fuckin'-devil." He said, referring to himself as Shawn snickered in the background watching Justin make faces to himself. Justin gave him the finger and Shawn stuck his tongue out at him. Shawn pulled his coat on over his white sweater as they both headed out the door.

Shawn watched out the window in shot-gun, his favorite spot to look over his city. Shawn looked at the lights in Toronto and smiled, it looked so beautiful lit up at night. His thoughts were interrupted when Justin announced they were at the restaurant.

Shawn stepped out and covered his face, getting anxious as he stood frozen behind the car as paparazzi attacked Justin and him with questions. Mainly regarding his deceased loved ones. Shawn never really cared for all the extra attention and flashing in his face since he dealt with anxiety from a very young age and still struggled with it. Stress, anger, frustration and sadness all attacked Shawn at once. Shawn's anxiety began to quickly get to him as he began to panic. Tears made their way to his eyes and he let out a sniffle, Justin then quickly took his brother's hand and rubbed his back.

"You're okay, you don't have to answer to them," he said as he guided him into the nice restaurant. "W-where's auntie Pattie?" Shawn asked, still shaken up abit as Justin looked around for her, squeezing Shawn's hand in comfort. "You know, I'm not sure. She should be here-oh there she is." Justin walked over to the small table with Shawn in tow. As soon as she saw them, her face lit up bright giving them both a hug. "Hi loves, how are you?" She asked.

"I'm good, mom. I missed you, it's been a bit." Justin said before releasing her. Shawn still held onto her, she reminded him of his mom and his eyes glossed over slightly. She kissed the side of Shawn's face. "It's okay, baby. Please don't cry." She wiped away one of his tears and he nodded. Sitting down beside his brother.

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