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I walked into the house and smiled hearing the sound of Mario Kart on the living room tv. It's 11.30 pm on New Years Eve. Regina and I both got Nintendo Switch's for Christmas. I walked to the living room after taking my shoes off and i smiled seeing Regina sitting on the Chaise end of the sectional, Lola laying against her spread out legs. "Hey." I said and she smiled. "Hey em! Come play me." She said and I chuckled. "I just got home. I had an emergency surgery. I need a shower." I said and she pouted. "But it's almost midnight. Please?" She said, pouting and i smiled. "Fine. Let me at least change clothes?" I asked and she groaned. "Noooo." She whined and I smiled. "But my scrubs are uncomfortable." I said and she shrugged. "Take them off and play in your underwear." She said, the slightest hint of a smirk on her face and I raised an eyebrow at her. Then I decided she probably didn't think I would. So... I started taking my scrub top off. "Wait really?" She asked and I heard the game pause. I dropped my top to the floor and looked at her. I smiled as I looked at her, her face full of shock and I smirked as I took my pants off, leaving me in my matching lacy bralette and boyshorts. She looked me up and down and i came over, sitting beside her on the couch in the small amount of space between her and the armrest. She took a deep breath before wrapping her arm around me and putting the game on multiplayer. She put it on 2 player before handing me one of the controllers. "Are you trying to restrict my movement with your arm around me?" I joked as she moved her other hand around me so she could still play and she chuckled. "Nope." She said and I smiled. "Would it be easier if i was on your lap? That way you could reach better?" I asked and she shrugged. "Maybe." She said and I chuckled as I sat on her lap, then leaned back against her so my head was on her shoulder. She kissed my head and I smiled as I stretched my legs out on hers and she put a blanket over our legs and Lola. I smiled as she started the game and it went to the screen for us to pick our characters. She picked Mario and I smiled as I picked Princess Peach. "Of course you pick my characters girlfriend." She said and we both smiled as I nodded. We picked our cars before she started the game.

I quickly realized how much I moved when I got into the game and i bit my lip feeling her hard dick pressing against my ass. "Did I.. did me just moving make you that hard?" I asked and she hummed. "I.. well... you were kind of grinding into me cause you were so focused, you were like moving with your car and.. the combination of you being so close and being in your underwear and grinding on me just kind of.. you know." She mumbled and sighed. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to make this weird." She said and I shook my head. "I'm probably gonna be the one who makes it weird by saying this but i.. I'm really wet feeling you against me like that and I.. really want to have sex with you." I said and she groaned. "Go put Lola in my room. Come back downstairs without your bra and panties." She husked and i immediately got up, going upstairs and calling Lola after me. She ran after me, then i put her in Regina's room. I bit my lip as I took off my bra and panties, then put them under her pillow. I closed the door after me, leaving Lola in there and I went back to the living room. My breathing hitched as I saw regina sitting in the same spot completely naked, her legs stretched in front of her and her hard member standing up. She looked at me and licked her lips, her member twitching as she looked me up and down. I smirked and hummed. "I'm guessing you have a position in mind?" I asked and she nodded. "Come over here. I'll guide you through it." She said and I nodded as I walked over. "Straddle me. But face forward like I am." She said and I nodded. I got on the couch, my back to her as i straddled her lap. She hummed and gently grabbed my hips. "Okay now.. sit on me." She said and I licked my lips as I felt her hand between us, guiding her dick to line us up. I slid down on her dick, groaning loudly and she moaned. "Okay n-now.. now put your legs on top of mine, but keep your thighs together." She said and I moved my legs the way she told me, groaning as she suddenly felt even bigger in me. She groaned and kissed my shoulder. "Fuck. Now.. okay now put your feet on the outside of my feet." She said and I did, moaning at the feeling of her in me. I rubbed her hips, leaning my head back and i heard her breathing hitch. "Now.. now just... ride me like this." She groaned and I nodded as I started riding her and holy shit. I've never felt better. "Fuck." I groaned and she hummed. "This feels so good." I groaned and she nodded. "Yeah it does." She moaned and I closed my eyes, moaning softly. She moaned in my ear and I moaned louder. She reached up, gently grabbing my boob and I moaned as I arched into her hand. "Mm shit I'm going to cum." I groaned and she nodded. "Fuck I forgot a condom." She moaned and I hummed. "I don't care. I'm on birth control." I mumbled and she groaned. "Fuck are you sure?" She asked and I nodded again. "Please. Cum in me." I groaned and she moaned. "Okay Love." She mumbled and I moaned loudly, closing my eyes. I ground down against her and we both moaned loudly as we came hard together. I rode out my orgasm on her before relaxing back against her. "C-can we go more?" I asked and she hummed. "Of course baby." She said and I hummed happily. "Why dont we go up to your room?" She asked and I nodded. I slowly got off her and whined. "My pussy already misses you." I said and she groaned. "Fuck you're sexy." She said and I smiled. She got up and we went upstairs to my bedroom. I closed the door after us and she hummed. "Lay down on your back.." She said and I nodded. I laid in the middle of the bed, then looked at her. She smiled. "Lift your legs above your head but put your thighs against your belly." She said and I did as she said. I spread them so I could look at her through them and she licked her lips as she got on the bed. She pushed into me, causing me to groan and she leaned her front half against me, using her arms to hold my legs down by the backs of my knees. I groaned loudly as I felt her even deeper in me and she groaned. "You feel so good." She said and I nodded. "Fuck me." I mumbled and she groaned. She immediately started pounding into me hard and fast and we both moaned loudly. I groaned and leaned my head back against the pillows. She moaned and leaned down, kissing me deeply and we moaned in each other's mouths. I pulled out of the kiss, my moans high pitched and before I knew it, my orgasm was ripping through me. She groaned loudly and I felt her hot cum shoot deep into me and I moaned, dropping my head back against the pillow as we both panted. "I'm never gonna wanna stop having sex with you." I mumbled and she chuckled a little as she moved, laying beside me and I stretched my legs as I laid them down. Fuck. "I'm not gonna want to stop either." She mumbled, causing me to smile as I turned to snuggle into her. "We definitely missed midnight so... happy new year." I said softly as I closed my eyes. She chuckled and kissed my head. "Happy new year love.."

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