Somethings Wrong

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Clancy's POV:

I was sitting at my desk when an alarm started going off, it was the device that I gave Evie, something must've gone wrong. "Agent Meadows, do me a favour and fill room A with knock-out-gas," I said as I noticed Rob walking past my office. "Yes sir, any particular reason?" he said. "Yes but that does not concern you right now Agent Meadows," I replied. "Of course, my apologies sir, I'll do that right away," he said before walking off in the direction of room A. I watched on the security cameras as Rob filled the room with knock-out-gas. Shortly after he arrived in my office again. "Anything else sir?" he asked as he entered. "No I'll take it from here," I replied and robbed gave a small nod before leaving the room and walking towards the control room. I walked over to the small control panel on the other side of my desk. This control panel can send a wave if energy which will make Liam, Chubs and Zu forget about whatever stupid ideas they came up with about Evie but it won't make Evie forget but she'll know what's happening. 

Liam's POV:

I woke up in the dark... again but this time was different Alex wasn't here, wait why does this seem familiar. "Where's Alex, what did they do to her?" Chubs asked as he noticed the same thing I did.

Clancy's POV:

Everything is back on track, hopefully Evie won't screw up again. "Um, I have some free time if there's any paper work or anything needed done sir," Dr Connor asked as she stood in the doorway of my office. "Yes actually there is, could you go through Alex's file and see if you can find anything I might have missed about her abilities?" I asked as I handed her the file. "Of course sir, when do you need it done for?" she asked in reply. "Just whenever you have an answer," I replied. "I'll get right on that," she said as she left the room and off down towards her doctor office thing. 

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