Forever & Always Junior Year - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2:

Chase had a sleepless night that night; he kept tossing and turning dreaming of Hailey. Each time he drifted into a light slumber he would forget the day's events until Hailey's face would turn to him with that shocked, disappointed and horrified look. His eyes would then immediately open and he would find himself sweaty and uncomfortable. He had cheated on her. Cheated... that word echoed through his brain, as he slipped onto the bus the next morning each step he took, beat the word harder and harder through his head.

As Chase slung his heavy bag down on the empty seat he sat down and laid his head on the window watching his brother rush out.

Out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of a bright blonde head sit next to him.

"Hi handsome" Amber said with a smile,

Handsome? Had Amber just called him 'handsome'?

Chase did one of those boy nods while trying to figure out where he and she were 'at', things had changed when he had given into her heavy flirting.

He didn't say anything as he thought and Amber watched him with an innocent frown on her face.

Chase was thinking about Hailey, the girl who had so often ran through his mind over those 3 years they had dated, freshmen to now junior year. He knew he still loved her, the same as he did everyday but what was different? how could he have 'cheated' on her like that with Amber.

It was then that one of Amber's cheerleading friends called her back to the back of the bus so she left, getting bored of Chase's quietness. As Amber left Ger sat down, beginning some conversation about how great him and Claire were. Chase knew that it was only too soon that Ger would know because if he knew his girlfriend...he stopped his ex-girlfriend she would have told Claire and Claire would definitely tell Ger.

"What's wrong bro?" Ger asked as he finished his story about his date the night before.

Chase figured he better tell him now, instead of hearing the version that Hailey would tell to Claire and Ger would hear. He figured that if could get Ger to understand him than he'd at least have back up and he knew only too well that having a brother with a direct influence on someone who was best friends with his ex might come in handy.

It wasn't long before the bus pulled into the school and Ger knew the whole story.

"Do you think you could talk to Claire?"

"Dude, you made out with another girl, it's kind of hard to fix!"

"Ok thank you Captain Obvious!" Chase said in an annoyed tone.

As they walked up the pavement they came across Claire leaning on the post that was feet away from the schools front door. "Hey babe" Ger called out to her. She made a quick smile before walking over and approaching the boys. SLAP!

"OUCH! What was that for!?" Chase said loudly rubbing his reddening cheek

"How could you Chase!?" Claire said looking as if she was about to slap him again. "I listened to her crying on the phone all night last night! What were you thinking?!"

"I wasn't thinking" Chase said very quietly,


Chase looked down

"That one was from Hailey"

"Right...Claire I'm not proud of what I did! I'm only human."

"She thought you were different than that Chase, she loved you because you weren't one of those boys"

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