Chapter 23

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       Rinsing the shampoo out hair, Ava closed her eyes to block the luke warm water from splashing in her eyes. Her hair had grown rapidly since she cut it, stopping down in the middle of her back when she straightened it. The water felt so good running through her scalp as she messaged it.

"Ava, hurry up!" She heard Blue's deep voice yell over the water. She opened her eyes and turned around to cut the shower off. "You been in there for too damn long! Water ain't free!"

"Shut up!" She yelled back, ringing her hair out. Blue opened the bathroom door and ripped the shower curtains open, exposing her bare body.

"Who you talkin to?" He raised his eyebrows.

"Quin Stop! It's cold, give me my towel," she rolled her eyes in annoyance and watched as he grabbed her black towel off the sink. "Thank you," she snatched the towel from his hands and wrapped it over her body.

Blue grabbed her hand to help her get out of the shower with out slipping and followed her into the bedroom. "You never finished telling me what happened when you went to go talk to ya moms," he said taking a seat on the bed.

Ava walked over to her dresser to get a pair of clean underwear and pulled them over her private area. "It was really sad babe," she admitted. "She went through a lot and I just felt like I could relate, ya know?"

"Damn. Y—"

"But, I forgave her." Ava cut him off, not wanting to answer any further questions. "And I also have a eleven year old brother named Kaiden," she blushed.

"Oh shit forreal?"

Ava nodded and strapped her bra over her bare chest. "I'm proud of you, baby. I'll be honest, I thought that you wasn't gonna see her, but you proved me wrong. I'm glad to see that you're happy about it," Blue congratulated.

"Thank you," Ava smiled. She joined him on the bed and sat on his lap, "don't ever doubt me, okay?" She pecked his lips and playfully nudged his head back.

Blue bit his lip at her and caressed her thigh, "yo if we didn't have to go to this cook out, I'll fuck the shit out of you right now." She was in nothing but panties and bra. Her hair was wavy and wet, dripping down her back. Her skin was smooth and clear and her dimpled smile was bright, making him blush.

He could smell the infamous dove soap on her skin as she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a juicy kiss.

Ava being Ava she said, "I mean... we don't have to go."

"I know but we're goin cause I haven't seen them in awhile so chop chop." He squeezed her thigh a little harder.

"What time is it?" Ava asked raising her eyebrows. "We can do a little quickie."

Blue looked down at his watch, "3:21, we're late already. And naw, quickies with me can turn into somethin else and I ain't tryna risk that."

"Damn," Ava groaned and hopped off his lap to go find something to wear.

"I know you want this meat, but you can wait til we come back." Blue stood up and straighten out his black Gucci shirt that displayed the words GUCCI in their classic red and green colors. His shirt was paired with black jeans and white Gucci Ace embroidered sneakers.

Ava laughed knowing that he was right and pulled out a pair of denim shorts. After squatting and jumping up and down, she finally pulled the shorts over her butt.

"You ain't wearing them," Blue shook his head watching as she zipped them up.

"Why? I don't wanna wear jeans, it's gonna be to hot," She whined.

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