Chapter 21

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Streaks of sunlight penetrate through the window and blind you. As your eyes adjust to the light, it takes you a while to remember where you were. It felt unusual, not waking up to the screams of the boys in the morning.

Here, it was silent.

Your eyes land on the clock, which read 7 AM. You let out an exasperated sigh, rolling off the couch you had been occupying and began flexing to re-energize your muscles. You hear a weird noise in the other room, and stop moving to hear clearly.

Silently creeping, you peak through the slit of the door, and a disturbing sight welcomes you.

Jackson had fallen prey to Jisoo on the bed, as she stood towering over him. He was trapped in between her arms, and to your horror, two fangs protruded menacingly from her mouth and attacked his neck lasciviously.

You couldn't bear to watch any longer. You kick the door open. ''hey...'' you mutter, your voice laced with disgust. ''I'm not dealing with this shit while I'm here. Get off him''

Jackson turns to look at you, eyes widened. ''Oh, are you jealous, Y/N?'' he calls, angering you more.

Jisoo sits up, licking the remaining remnants of blood which stuck to her lips like red lipstick. ''but didn't you let the boys do the same thing to you?''

You roll your eyes and leave the room, not in the mood to deal with her. Getting dressed, you step out the building and make your way towards the school.


Lifting your head up in the wind, you fasten your pace towards the school. You walk past wintry trees which had shed their leaves, now crunching below your feet as you trodded along. You didn't mind the cold, in fact you embraced it, as it cooled your head too.

Jackson and Jisoo eventually caught up to you, and as you entered the class, a pit began forming in your stomach.

What will I do if I see the Taehyung and the boys? How will they react? Do I talk normally with them?

Whether you wanted to go back to them or not, it didn't matter. You couldn't go back, because the full moon was tomorrow. It was a Friday today, which was reassuring since there was no school tomorrow.

You take a seat, and notice they weren't here yet. You fiddle with your fingers nervously. ''calm down, will ya?'' Jackson pats your head. ''I won't let them do anything to you''

''bruh'' you scoff. ''I can deal with them myself, besides what can they do?''

Seconds after you finish your sentence, talk of the devil cuz they came strolling in like they owned the place.

You watched them silently as they jumped onto a table and leant back, tapping away on their phones, oblivious to the fact they were in class. "so cool~" you hear a girl say, which made you ponder how anyone could find such ludicrous acts 'cool'.

Jimin caught your gaze and smiled widely. ''Yoooo Y/N! How was your trip yesterday?'' 

All eyes in the class turn to look at you, including Taehyung and Jungkook, and you flush hot at the unwanted attention.

''You must be referring to the date we went on?'' Jackson popped, flinging an arm round your shoulder. ''It was greattt, right Y/N?'' You hear Jisoo chuckle softly in the background.

They pause, eyebrows arched arrogantly. ''...huh ?'' their voices spoke at once, resulting in a deep deadly sound.

Then slowly, their lips curve into a smirk, and they look at each other as if saying 'bitchhhh this guy sure knows how to run his mouth'

Then slowly, their lips curve into a smirk, and they look at each other as if saying 'bitchhhh this guy sure knows how to run his mouth'

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''If you got a joke, at least make it funny'' Taehyung deadpans, his tongue gliding across his lip in an almost crude, deadly way. His hooded eyes almost obscure the fire hot in his gaze, igniting sparks that set your body on fire as your eyes locked with his.

You step up towards them, and stare back with just as much intensity. ''what if it's not a joke?''

''wait, you're serious, Y/N? You're actually  dating him?'' Jungkook asks disbelievingly. You see Jackson grinning contently in the corner of your eye.

''no he was chatting shit'' you concede, as they nod and whisper 'i knew it!''

''but...'' you say, choosing your words wisely. ''I did run off with him''

They gasp and look at you incredulously once again. ''Because...I think he has something to do with my I want to find out, to make sense of everything'' you continue, crossing your fingers. Although I'm lying, part of that is reassure yourself.

''So I've decided'' you bite your lip. ''that I'm going to start over, see more of the outside world. I can't bother myself with living with you guys, cuz I gotta be independent and shit so like yeah'' you finish, as they watch you with their mouths hung open.

''bro bro bro'' Jungkook slurs, standing up straight now. ''like forever?''

''Y/N'' Taehyung grabs your arm. ''Come home with us, one last time'' he pleads, the fire hot in his eyes dimmed, but not extinguished. You look into his hopeful eyes and give in.

It won't hurt...spending a few more hours with them, right?

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