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Taehyung looked at himself in the mirror.

A white shirt tucked into high-waisted, checkered pants, strapped over his shoulder, a bow tie added to make the man look more formal. Matching pearl spats shoes adorned his feet, shining from his constant wiping. The checkered jacket covered his upper body, a bit too warm for the summer heat, but Taehyung insisted that he looked as wealthy as possible. His last accessory was a panama hat, thrust upon his head in an unhurried fashion.

Jin mocked a moan from behind him, smirking in the mirror. "Oh, fuck me, Mr Kim," he purred in his girlish demeanor, "You better hope my scotch-tape's cum-proof."

Ignoring his lewd comment, Taehyung gripped his chin with his fingers, pondering over his appearance.

"There's something missing."

The boy looked back, catching sight of the thin spectacles sitting atop the chair Jin nearly sat on.

"Woah, woah, Jin, stand up!" Taehyung shouted as he hurried over to the chair, urging his friend out the way before picking up the object.

Looking back at the mirror once more, the boy settled the curve of its temples behind his ear, sitting the round-framed glasses upon his nose.

At last, a smile escaped him.

Finally, after a week, he'd saw what he truly should have looked like.

A man, well clothed, and on his way to win over a diamond among the treasure. He hoped to contain the sudden rush of excitement igniting within his stomach, threatening to make him nauseous.

"Okay, Seokyeong," Taehyung declared, his voice now back to its husky origin. "You go and take Inhui to the beach. I'll be there in twenty."

"Yes, sir," Jin mused, picking up his frilly little hat and skipping off to Inhui's suite opposite them.

Taehyung stared at his reflection. Ticked his hat in mock respect.

Right. Time to shine.

— • | • —

Kim Taehyung, after grabbing a local newspaper, exited the hotel from the grand doors of the courtyard, which lead a straight path to the Busan's beach, spying the manager smiling at him before going back to mutter furiously in his candlestick telephone.

Turning towards his destination, the newly upgraded man inspected the golden sands before him, shimmering under the sun as shy waves lapped against the shore. Hundreds of elites relished this gorgeous scenery, most in loving pairs, some with families and the rest savouring the sun alone.

There was one pair Taehyung was most interested in, squinting through his glasses to find the two.

"I swear to God," he guttered quietly. He knew that Jin was going to get the fattest high heel up his ass if he screwed up the mission.


There he was, as Taehyung sighed out, fixing his glasses as he spotted just who he was looking for.

Sweet Song Inhui burst into a round of laughter as she threw a beachball towards someone, raking a hair to contain her jungle curls. The prussian blue one-piece, cut low at the sides, did wonders of her glorious figure, all curves and glowing skin accentuating her overall aura.

Lord have mercy on his humble subject, for Kim Taehyung was a damn sucker for her. Never before he'd seen such beauty; and it was not like she was elegant. No, with the way she guffawed with no shame, all the prosperous watching her with weary eyes, she definitely didn't look the perfect 1920's lady.

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