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The world came back to Ian when a loud crash sounded in the hallway. The clapping and laughing told him it wasn't serious. He looked back at Sonora, happy to see she was far more flustered than the nurse had been. Goal number one had been completed.

He wondered how long he could keep her in this wide-eyed state and pulling her closer, made himself more comfortable. Her blue eyes sparkled as he closed in on her, and she pulled on the back of his neck to urge him along.

Ian took his time. Anticipation was never a bad thing. Lips so close they inhaled each other's breath, they heard "A-hem" from more than one throat. Eyes flying to the doorway, Sonora and Ian saw Jorah and Blake.

Sonora sat up so fast, she became dizzy and pushed at Ian. "Get away!" she hissed.

"Easy, woman. You wound me."

Blake laughed at Ian's hurt face and explained. "There is quite a contradiction on land over this behavior. While one enjoys it, public displays are frowned on."

"I see," Ian said as he continued to give Sonora a sad eyes. Still, he moved to a chair.

"In Atlantis," Jorah explained to Sonora, "We encourage courtship behavior, though a couple is joined before they get so," he waved his hand over her, "horizontal."

Sonora's already red face flamed, and she slowly sunk down into the bed pulling the sheet over her head. Really, this had to happen. And we have to talk about it!

"Have you joined without us, Caspian?" An audible groan came from Sonora. "Joined, mated, united, alliance, I forget what they call it in this land."

"Marriage," Blake said.

"No, Father, we are not married," Ian said using the human word to spare Sonora at least some embarressment.

"Good," Jorah said. "You would have sorely disappointed your mother. She has been planning the celebration for months now. It is an Orca ceremony so it must be special."

"What?" Sonora whipped the sheet from her head. "Months? And it is planned?"

Ian took Sonora's flailing hand. "Hush now, Beloved. Anything you desire you will have."


Before she could continue, six of Jorah's guards squeezed into the room. Sonora clamped her mouth shut, happy that they had not arrived any earlier.

"There are humans with weapons coming," a large blond one said, "They act as though they have some sort of authority. I am afraid my trips to the air have been short, and in other nations, I am unfamiliar with this land."

"It is fine," Jorah said. "It seems we merely need to show ourselves for a reaction. Though I wish so many pictures were not needed. Still, you are doing your job well."

The blonde guard gave a sharp nod making sure he stood tall and strong.

A group of police officers arrived at the door. Two entered, eyeing the Atlantians, while the rest remained outside.

"We need to speak to Ms. Reeves, and... the... gentleman about what happened at the Marine Center." He eyed the Atlantian's weapons, but said nothing about them.

"Sir," he asked speaking to Ian, "could I have your name?"

"Caspian is my full name, though many call me Ian."

"And your last name?"

Ian looked at his father, who shrugged, then at Blake before saying, "I have no last name."

The officer gave him a hard stare. "You must. I need one for the report."

"Orca?" Blake asked his hands out in question.

"Orca, then," Jorah said.

The officer frowned. "And you are, Sir?"

"Caspian's father."

"Okay. I will ask that everyone leave except for family."

No one moved.

"You are all family?"


Officer sighed and held back an eye roll. "If everyone could refrain from speaking except for Ms. Reeves and Mr. Orca that would make my job easier."

The officer asked many questions but told little of what he knew. But from time to time, his piercing gaze would light on one of them for a moment longer than it needed to be. From that they could tell that their story rang true for him.

When the questions were finished, he could only tell them one thing. Devon had not been found, but every police officer was on the lookout for him.

Before leaving, he said, "According to the Marine Center, you are," he coughed, "from Atlantis."

"That is so," Jorah said.

"So why are you here now?"

"We are here to help you. Your race is facing a deadly disease, and we will help you find the cure."

The officer frowned then nodded. The news didn't surprise him, he'd heard some strange rumors just this morning. He walked to the door then turned and paused, "If you need any help, you know where I am."

Jorah appreciated the offer and said as much. "Prepare yourselves. If we do not find the cure..." He shook his head.

The officer sighed and looking downcast continued out the door.

Blake stepped to Sonora's side. "I'm so relieved you're okay. You had me worried sick, Sunny."

He took Sonora's hand. "I also called your parents to come down here. We have to tell them."

"Oh Grandpa, how do we tell them? How do we tell poor Aunt Claire? To think she lived with a monster all these years! He said he spied on us for them. We loved him so much. How could he have done that? How could we not have known?"

Blake rubbed his eyes at his granddaughter's words. "I keep asking myself the same thing. It wasn't him that hurt me all those years ago. He would have been a child. But somehow he's a part of whoever they are."

Ian spoke up. "He said his uncle started this. He followed in his footsteps." Ian ran a hand up and down his cheek. "He said you turned me in to him. That it was you that lead all of us to him."

Blake held up his hands and stepped back, a horrified look on his face. "I swear to you on all I have that it was not me. I may have left Atlantis but I would never have a part in killing my people."

Ian stared out the window, trying to remember Devon's exact words. "Have you met with any Atlantians up here?"

Blake scraped the floor with his shoe, his face reddening, as he threw glances at Ian and Jorah. "Please understand, I felt lonely. And some would seek out the infamous Argos. It didn't happen often."

Ian closed his eyes and dropped his head. "Often enough. Devon watched your family. He said you led Atlantians to him, not that you turned them in."

Blake's eyes widened as he imagined the horrors that had befell Devon's victims. People who had sought Argos out and found death. A sob escaped him. He had done enough evil as Argos, to have these innocent victims piled on top of all that was almost more then he could bear.

Sonora reached out to him, wincing at his pain. "Grandpa, it isn't your fault. What Devon has done is on him, not on anyone else. You couldn't have known."

"I didn't. I swear I didn't."

"You tell the truth," Jorah said. "Still, you have a lot to make up for. Come with us to this History Museum for the cure. We could use your help."

"Yes." Blake nodded eagerly, anxious to do anything to help erase the black marks stacked against his name. "I will help."

Jorah motioned for all the men to come closer together. They circled Sonora's bed, seeming to tower above her.

"It is time," Jorah said, "to determine a plan."

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