He's not perfect, but he's all I want

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"You're where?!" Kirsten screeched in my ear.

"Driving to New York." I winced.

"Are you out of your mind?!"

"Yes probably." I admitted. "I'll be home tomorrow night."

"So he said come to New York and you just said ok?"

"No, well yeah kind of. But it's fine. I will call you when I get there and let you know when I'm on my way home."

"I can't believe you. But I would have gone too." She laughed. "Be careful, ok?"

"Promise. Love you."

"You too, crazy."

I hung up my phone and turned the radio up, I still had 3 hours to go.

Chris had texted me his hotel information before I left and told me to pack something dressy but comfy. I had no idea what was in store for the evening, but I found my go to favorite simple black tunic dress and knee-high black boots. I grabbed a few bracelets and a pair of gold hoops and stuffed a pair of sweats and a tank top in my suitcase before rushing out the door.

I arrived at his hotel at quarter past 4. I knocked nervously and waited. Seconds later he pulled open the door and gave me his lopsided, boyish grin and I felt my insides turn to a puddle of mush. I knew that no matter where in the world he was if he told me to come, I'd be there in a heartbeat. Which was bad news for my extremely breakable heart, but I was in deep with this one.

"Hey." His voice was rough as he reached out and cupped my face with his strong hand. I turned my face and kissed his palm before his hand slid down my neck and he gently pulled me towards him. I leaned into his chest and inhaled deeply as his arms slipped around me squeezing me tight.

"Are you sharing a room?" I asked.

"No." He pushed the door shut behind me. We wasted no time in removing every layer of clothing we had on and tumbling onto the plush king-sized bed that had one too many oversized decorative pillows. He wasn't slow, or romantic. He kissed me passionately biting my lips, sucking his way down my neck to my chest. He hands splayed across my stomach before making their way down under my butt hoisting me up so he could enter me slowly. His eyes were locked on mine as he picked up the pace and I finally had to look away, burying my face into his neck as we reached climax.

We laid in silence for a few moments, me on my stomach, he on his back staring at the ceiling as I stared at him.

"I've missed you." He finally said.

"I've missed you."

"Thank you for coming." He shifted so he was facing me.

"Thank you for inviting me." I licked my lips.

"I was an idiot." His eyes flickered down to my lips and he blinked slowly.

"I know you were."

"So you're not dating Zach?"

I had to laugh, "No I'm not."

"Good." He took his finger and ran it across my lower lip. "Your lips are swollen." He observed.

"That's because you've been sucking on them."

He gave me an almost shy smile, "You taste good."

"So are you going to tell me where we're going tonight?"

"To a party."

"A party? What kind of party?" I asked unsure.

"It's my buddy's birthday. A group of us are going out, probably bar hopping."

"Is your buddy a celebrity?" I asked casually.

"No." He laughed sitting up. "His name is Chad, his girlfriend Hailee will be there. I think you'll get along great with her."

"How many people will be there?" I pulled the blanket up to my chin feeling self-conscious.

"I don't know 10-15 maybe?" He shrugged as he grabbed his shirt from the floor and slipped it over his head. "Scott will be there too."


Chris turned with a huge grin and crawled across the bed towards me. "Hey. I'm glad you're here." He kissed the tip of my nose making me smile.

2 hours later I was hand in hand with Chris in the lobby of his hotel waiting on Scott to join us.

"Well, well, well if it isn't Ms. Breelan Lockwood in the flesh." Scott called as he exited the lobby elevator.

"Hi Scotty." I blushed.

"Hi." He gave me a quick hug and planted a kiss on the top of my head. "Ready to party New York style?" He raised an eyebrow.

I wasn't sure if I was, but I grasped Chris's hand tightly and let him drag me out into the night.

The first stop was a bar on the lower east side that had live bands and a rooftop lounge. His friend Chad had reserved the rooftop area for his party and it was definitely in full swing when we arrived. A live band was playing. There were multiple ice luges for shots and a table full of mouthwatering appetizers. I had to take a step back and take in everything. 12 hours ago I was going for a run around my neighborhood and now I was at a rooftop party in Manhattan. 12 hours ago I was single and now....not so much.

"Hey man!" A tall muscular guy in jeans and a Yankee's hat called out and walked over to us. "Glad you could make it."

Chris dropped my hand for a second so he could shake hands and semihug the guy.

"Chad! Happy Birthday dude."

"And who is this stunning girl with you?" Chad turned to me.

"This is my girlfriend Breelan." Chris said proudly.

"Hi Breelan, Nice to meet you. Glad you could make it." Chad took my hand in his shaking it gently.

"Chris! Is this your girlfriend?" A girl who looked like a supermodel with long dark hair and huge almond shaped eyes screeched. She reached around Chad and pulled me into a hug. "We've heard so much about you! I'm Hailee, Chad's girlfriend. I'm so happy to finally meet you."

I laughed and hugged her back a little unsure.

"I may have been telling them a little bit about you." Chris admitted.

"How do you know Chris?" I asked Chad and Hailee.

"Friend of a friend." Chad said, "But we've been boys for almost 5 years now."

"Oh." I looked at Chris who just nodded.

"Come!" Hailee grabbed my hand. "Let's do some shots!"

Chris and Chad followed us over to the ice luge.

Chris and Chad went first taking their shots. After Chris took his, he turned to me bringing his mouth to mine, his lips were ice cold from the luge but when he opened his mouth just enough for the fiery alcohol to hit my tongue, his eyes lit up devilishly.

I swallowed the alcohol down and joined Hailee for our turn at the luge.

20 minutes later I wasn't sure how many shots I had taken, and I had pulled Chris out on the dance floor. I swayed around moving back and forth to the music of the live band, my arms around Chris's neck and his hands securely on my hips. I didn't have a care in the world.

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