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"i need you to take me somewhere" charlie said grabbing her stuff on the other couch.

"where?" i sighed, getting up. we shared my car, but i like to drive and she knows it.

"after the frat party the other day, we went to some guy's house to an after party" she shoved me my keys while i was putting on my shoes.

"what? you guys hooked up?" i scoffed, leading the way to the elevator.

"no!" charlie laughed hopping inside the car. "he was at the party, we talked all night and then he asked if we wanted to go to his house to party more" she shrugged.

"what's his name?" i asked, thinking it could be david.

"todd" she said giving me the coordinates to his house. "i forgot my charger there"

"todd like todd smith?" i gasped and she nodded. "bitch!" i squealed "he's so hot!"

"how do you know him?" she frowned her eyebrows.

"i watch david dobrik's vlogs, duh" i rolled my eyes.

"oh yeah, your ultimate crush when we were 15" she smirked and i pushed her shoulder with one hand. "he's so nice, we talked a lot at todd's house"

"i figured" i said, now focusing on the road. his house wasn't very far, just a 15 minutes drive. i parked on the other side of the street and we jumped out of the car.

charlie knocked on the door and after a few seconds, toddy smith opened with his boxers in his ankles, doing a "mangina" for us. as soon as he saw us, he quickly shuts the door on our faces. i look at charlie and we are both in shock while we hear a lot of laughs inside the house. then, david dobrik opens the door again to see who it was with his camera in one hand, laughing his ass off "you told me it was alex!" todd said while laughing.

"oh my god!" david said between giggles. "i didn't know it was charlie!"

"what the hell was that?" she laughed awkwardly and i was chuckling too. it was pretty funny, but awkward.

"we thought it was our friend alex" todd said, blushing. "i'm so sorry guys"

"it's ok" charlie said while entering the house. i followed her. "nice dick by the way" she joked and he chuckled. david was still recording and laughing.

i looked over at him, catching his eyes. david stopped recording, with a bright smile on his lips. "ophelia ruggiero?"

"david dobrik" i smiled, blushing a little bit.

"long time no see" he frowned, still smiling. "when did you move from vernon hills?"

"a year ago with charlie" i explained.

"you two know each other?" someone asked from the living room behind us. i looked over and it was zane hijazi. along with him it was scott sire, kristen mcatee, matt king and liza koshy.

i knew all of them from the vlogs, and also knew that david and liza were currently in a relationship. she glanced me a weird look. oh boy. "yeah, she's from vernon hills. we used to go to the same school and a monthly event with our parents" he explained.

i just nodded. they introduced themselves and i pretended that i didn't knew every single one of them. it would be weird to say that i watched the vlogs like a stalker because it has been five years since i last saw david. charlie and todd were chatting, sitting very close to each other and i was awkwardly beside them, just listening to everyone talk.

then, david sat by my side. "so, how's it going?" he asked.

"nothing much" i shrugged. "i'm modeling now, what about you?"

"i'm doing very well on youtube. don't you watch the vlogs?"

"only zane's" i lied. i watch practically all of them, but mainly david, scotty, and zane. he didn't need to know that.

"uh baby, i already like you" zane said from the other couch.

"i'm offended" david joked and i laughed. "it's funny because i was talking to ilya the other day and he said that you were living here" he changed the subject.

ilya was the only mutual friend we had. he is one of my closest friends from back home. we didn't hang out that much because he was constantly with all the boys and i with charlie and timmy, but we were neighbors so at night we used to meet up at the park down the street to chat about everything. "he is coming to visit at the end of the month" i commented and he nodded.

"yeah, i know" david had a big smile glued to his face during the whole conversation. "we should hang out together, us three, when ilya gets here, like old times"

"okay, let's not pretended we were that close" i chuckled softly, trying not to be rude.

"you were the boring one and didn't want to do the fun stuff" he elbowed me.

"fun stuff? okay dobrik, you crashed mandy's car one time" i crossed my arms with a smile on my face.

"it was dom" he tried to defend himself.

"dom? dom zeglaitis? bitch i doubt it!" i laughed. "he was practically an angel" after my sentence, everyone in the room gasped in surprise. i know that he changed because of the vlogs, but i think that he still is a good person.

"oh sweetie, you're so innocent" zane joked and i frowned my brow.

"if he was here right now, he would try to hook up with you" david said and i rolled my eyes. i know that they are exaggerating. "i'm being serious" he smirked after my response.

"yeah, okay" i responded, rolling my eyes one more time.

we continued talking for the rest of the day and i noticed how strange is that david didn't even bother to go sit with his girlfriend on the other couch. okay, they don't have to be glued to each other, but the vibes were weird.


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opheliar: timmy is currently missing

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username: these are the girls on david's new vlog

username: you guys are so pretty

username: quick review on todd's dick
charliemoore: very cute, thanks for asking
todderic_: i hate u

username: i think she went to the same school as david
username: really??
username: yeah, she's from vh and i found a photo of her and ilya

tchalamet: i hate you guys
opheliar: hate you more baby boy!!

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