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So....Finally all is well. My aunt gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

And he looks like this👆Isn't he cute?😍❤

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And he looks like this👆
Isn't he cute?😍❤

And if you guys have complaints against me not updating the book for these long days then he's the one who to be blamed for as he's the one keeping me busy.

Anyways, now I'm here back with the story.


Nandini's been acting to sleep since that "shutting up Manik" wala action😉😂 and here someone's nudging her to wake her up. And she's just shifting sides and groaning.

"Manik. Just stop this. If I knew it would be like this then I wouldn't have kissed you to shut you up. But see now I'm not gonna do anything. Spare me for day. Pleaseeeeeeeeee."

Nandini said from inside the blanket as she was damn irritated. But as soon as she said this the nudging had stopped. She was relieved but only for the moment because within another second the room was filled with laughter. And for a change this laughter didn't belong to Manik.

Well....If I say Nandini was shocked would be an understatement.

Shocked and embarrassment would a small word to describe the expressions on Nandini's face right now.

She jerk ed up from the bed, the blanket still covering her face. She peeped out to confirm her doubts and


She was right. It was him.

It was Aryamann Khurrana..!!!

Her only cousin from her maternal side. And one of her close and best friend as well.

( So. Yes, Aryamann is Nandini's cousin. Nandini's mom and Aryamann's mom are sister's. )

"....ahahahah....uff....ahahahah. ...god.....ahahahahha. ...MY stomach hurts but still I can't help but laugh....ahahahah...

His laughing session was rewarded by a pillow. Nandini was shocked when the pillow flew at Aryamann. And when she scanned the whole room she found Manik standing there with a flushed and irritated face.

She slowly removed the blanket from her face and stood up.


"Yes...aur bataiye?? Aur kya kya karr sakti hai aap?😉😂😂 God I can't believe you kissed him just to shut him up😂😂😂"

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