Yandere! Saiki Kusou Pt. Two

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(This is technically a part two to the first one I made, but you don't need to read the first one. Also, sorry for not updating. I have the flu, so all I've been doing is sleeping. Anyways, please enjoy this chapter!)

A bit of nsfw content~

Kusou pressed his sweaty forehead against her own, pressing himself deeper. A small whine left her bruised lips as she clinged to him.
"Kusou, it's too much-" she was cut off by her husband biting her ear softly.

"Hn, this is what you get for defying me." He hissed out, kissing her roughly.

She was confused before she remembered what he was talking about.
She was talking to an old friend at one of their high school reunions. He had hugged her, making her blush out of surprise. Kusou was obviously not okay with this, and that resulted in this.

He groaned as his third orgasm hit him. Maybe he should give her a break, but he was too needy for that.

"You will learn. You are mine."

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