Chapter 7-Scarred For Life

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-1 Moon Afer Chapter 5, around the same time of day as Chapter 6-

Today was a day of great joy for all in Vallyclam. Today, all five kits were now all 5 moons old. The traditional territory had take place. Sagekit and her siblings could barely wait an extra week to allow Sunkit and Badgerkit to join them. But now their time was upon them. The sun had risen pat down, but it was time quite sun-high yet. It was the time inetween. The clan has gathered beneath the Chief Rock, the place from which the leader addressed the clan. Birchstar was up their now, waiting for the clan to gather, which it had. The clan quited down,

"Members of Vallyclan, today is a day of importance for us," announced Birchstar, her voice ringing with authority, "Five young kits, now almost young enough to become apparent is, have reach five moons of age. As such, it is time for their traditional territory tour. I will assign who goes with who myself to make sure that we are all safe." She moved her tail to signal an allowance for a small cheer.

After the cheer, she continued. "Here is how it shall be. Skunk-kit and Snowkit shall go with Flowerclaw, Goldenheart, and Vinetail. Sagekit and Badgerkit shall go with Honeypelt, Rockheart, and Patchthorn. At the consent of Birchleaf, Sagekit, and Sunkit, Sunkit and Birchleaf shall go on their own adventure. Vinetail, take the Blazeclan border. Patchthorn, take the upper Marshclan border. And Birchleaf, that leaves you with the southern Marshclan border. Now go have some fun!"

What rotten luck, Sagekit disappointingly thought, now I have Badgerkit to deal with! And Honeypelt mixing with Rockheart is not good for them. Plus it's embarrassing for me! Birchstar did not choose well, but alas she is the leader. We must listen to her.

After everyone dispersed to their locations and could see each other no more, Sagekit began looking around, going ahead of the patrol a safe distance. The strong shine of the season warmed her. A clear sky was bright blue. The trees had a healthy brown, with vibrant green leaves. The dirt was a rich black-like color. A feeling stirred within her of happiness. It's truly a wonderful world. It' fills me with joy! But her mood quickly soured when she heard tiny pawstep's coming closer Just great! Now Badgerkit is here to ruin it like everything else.

"So Flowerface,how's it going?" Badgerkit asked.

"Sourly, now that you're here." Sagekit harshly answered.

Badgerkit pretended to look innocent. "Oh, I'm sorry, did I suddenly bother you? Myyy bad!" Sagekit shoved him and he purred in amusement. "Oh, it looks like SOMEONE is angryyy and annoyed! I wonder why? Maybe it's because she knows she will never be able to work as hard and earn her place in her clan because of her backwards front left paw!"

"Oh shut up, you maggot-head! I will work as hard if not harder, WITH my deformity!" Then Sagekit glared at him. "And I WILL prove it too you, no matter what!"

"Oh, such strong language and hopeless dreams, " observed Badgerkit, "form a useless cat. Show me your fighting skills once you're a medicine cat! Oh wait, you will fail at that too!"

Sagekit was more then irritated be now. I really want to hit him now again! That will show him! But it's too bad I will get in trouble for that. I might be able to figure out a way to do it stealthily though. I wonder how. I'll figure it eventually. Then she calmed down, realizing that there was more than one way to get back at Badgerkit. And sometimes making an enemy into a friend is the best thing to do.

"You know, " suggested Sagekit to Badgerkit, " Why not go work on your physical skills instead of your mental ones. You obviously know plenty of how to trick your opponents with your superb mental skill. You are quite great at angering me, remember. I am now where as close as you are with that skill."

Badgerkit was puzzled. He didn't know what to say. "Uh, thanks Sagekit. I guess you are right. I never figured that you would be.....nice to me." He began walking slower, obviously in deep thought. That worked just as I expected it to! That's great! I think that it's called reverse psychology.

Feeling smug, Sagekit ran ahead, wrapped in her own little world. The sound of a distant yell to come back went in one ear and came out of the other. The land passed by in a blur, and the wind gleefully ruffled through her fur. The birds flew above her. After what felt like enternity, she stopped to take a breath.

I didn't realize that I ran so far away from the patrol! Her very dark blue eyes scanned the area around her. I'll just wait here so they find me. It's better than chasing each other in a circle. I may get in trouble, but it was worth it to experience all of these new wonders!

Sagekit sat down, careful to tuck her backwards paw into s position in which she would be comfortable. She decided to take a smell of the air, just to see what she could find. Hmmm. A musty, strong scent is nearby. It's probably just some prey I've never smelt before. And speaking of prey, it's so quiet here. None is to be seen here. I wonder why,

Then her memory kicked in and she went frozen in fear. Fox! Fox is what I smell. What do I do, what do I do? She was unable to move, locked ins state of mental panic. Then a large fox slinked out and locked it's gaze with her. She saw satisfaction in it's amber  eyes. Why can't I move? I can't get stay here! Terror flooded her and swamped her brain. The fox walked up and slashed it's claws down her left flank.

Sagekit's eyes widened as she screamed in absolute pain. She could sense nothing else, see nothing, nothing but pain. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing but pain. Then she felt a crack in her front right leg and the tearing of muscle. She could feel almost nothing in it now. She could feel the blood dripping on her leg bone. This only furthered her pain. The world meant nothing now. Only pain had any significance.

Then she saw the light green eyes of another fox as she still yowled in pain. This filled her vision. Oh ancestors, is this how  I die, to be broken and then devoured by a pair of foxes? Please....please....I still have business here to do. But then she saw something in the fox's eyes. Compassion. She was confused, for foxes were cats' mortal enemies. Who are you?

"Do not fear little one. I have driven the other fox away," the vixen said. Sagekit could not speak. Pain was not obsolete as she focused all of her attention on the female fox. "Your friends are coming now. We shall soon meet again someday. Until then, sleep well." Then the vixen vanished in the sun soaked forest.

Sagekit heard the pawsteps of the patrol moment later. She heard her mother wail in terror. Badgerkit snickered. Her mother's face then appeared in her view. "Sagekit, my dear daughter, what happened to you? There was a fox..and..and..please don't leave me now!" Rockheart pleaded. "I couldn't bear it. We have so much of a future together. You have every right to be angry at me for living to yo, but we can fix that. Please, just don't go!" Rockheart sobbed harshly.

"Mother," Sagekit weekly said, "I...forgive you and father. Tell the family that I love them. Tell Sunkit that she was the most best friend I have had, that I trusted her the most out of everyone besides you and Flowerclaw, in case I never come back. My fate now rests in the paws of our ancestors. I love you......."

Sagekit last heard her mother's cries. She last felt the great pain inside her, the fur of her mother, the chilly wind, the strong sunlight's warmth. She last smelt the grass and dirt around her. She last heard her mother's cries and the retuning birds' chirps. She felt completelyat peace. Then her world went black, perhaps for the last time ever.

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