Chat 14: Tapris!

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GabrielSama created the group.

GabrielSama added Vigne, Satanya, Raphychan and Tapris to the group.

GabrielSama: Tap-chan!

Tapris: ...

Tapris: What is this unholy.. thing?

Satanya: Ohohoho, this is VERY holy, Tapris my child. This is the internet!

Tapris: ... I don't trust it.

RaphyChan: You don't have to :>

Tapris: So what's the internet? Is there really such holiness in such technology that ruins people by making them stay up so late playing games and watching anime?

GabrielSama: I wonder what kind of person would do that! It sounds very.. unholy.

Vigne: r i g h t . . .

Tapris: How do you add people here? Can you add Zelel-sama?

GabrielSama added Zelelel to the group.

GabrielSama: Boom! Hello, sisTeR.

Zelelel: I still hate why you added an extra el to my username, Gabriel.

GabrielSama: Excuse me, Zelelel is a nice username! Wouldn't you think so, reader?

Tapris: Reader? Who's reader? Anyways, hello Zelelel-sama!

Zelelel: Is it the right time to say it now

GabrielSama: say what?

Zelelel: Istg

GabrielSama left the group.

Tapris left the group.

Everyone else left the group.

Zelelel: I

Author's Annoying Note:

Guess who's back :D

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