I was unsure how long it was that Lucas had pinned me underneath his own body. But it felt like an eternity. Things seemed to have quietened down and eventually he moved off me. I sat up, my mind unable to comprehend what my eyes saw.

Red was everywhere and the smell of hot metal permeated the air. The road is littered with bodies, my friends, my family as I had begun to think of them lay littered on the ground. I heard screaming, and realised it was me. Lucas tried to pull me away but I resisted, the faces of those who trusted me the most stared back at me, lifeless.

Some had tried to shift, others had been more successful but it hadn't helped them. I stumbled, looking for Elvira, Amy and Lolita but I couldn't see them. I heard a shout and something whizz past my ear, I whirled around to see Lucas drop to his knees, his face showing the shock and pain he felt. He held a hand towards me as I tried to run towards him but a blow hit the back of my head and I was engulfed by blackness.


The light was bright and it didn't help my already pounding head. I tried to move away but I was held in place. The events that happened hit me with such force I gasped for breathe. Slowly blinking my eyes I tried to focus on properly.

I soon realised both my hands and feet were shackled together, and as I tried to stretch, my head and back both protested. I heard screaming and the sound was coming through the door to my cell. It was a human cry followed by a hiss. Had they captured Lucas or another Hybrid? What where they doing? Why would they do this to us? Questions, too many questions whirled around my head making me feel dizzy, so much so I hadn't seen two men enter my cell.

Both were large, and heavily muscled, their faces grim as they pulled me, kicking and screaming out through my cell, and towards the screaming that had intensified. Sweat dripped down my back as the fear began to over ride me. My body's defences began to kick in as I began to shift into my Draconian form, when they used a Taser on me. Immediately my body went slack and my mind went blank.

A sharp sting to my face brought me round, as I flailed around trying to get my bearings. The smell of blood and fear was ripe that it made me still. In front of me strapped down was Lucas,his stomach cut open, blood oozed from the deep wounds. A small white haired man, wielded a sharp knife and shouted "TELL ME WHAT I WANT TO KNOW", as he stabbed again into the soft flesh, making Lucas scream again.

"NO!!! STOP IT!!" I shouted at him. The man turned around and focused his attention on me. He signalled to the others to take Lucas away. I watched as they pulled him off the chair, no sound came from him, as they dragged him out, leaving behind a bloody trail.

I sat, unable to move as the man meticulously cleaned the knife and awaited his helpers. They were back quickly and soon had me tied to the chair. Fear overwhelmed me as this man peered into my eyes. I could feel my body trying to change but I held it down, knowing it would be my undoing.

He was perhaps the oldest person I had ever encountered. His eyes were creased with wrinkles and his moustache matched the whiteness of his hair, his eyes were a dark brown, and they held nothing but anger and contempt in them as he looked at me.

"Now tell me, why did you attack?" His question caught me by surprise, we weren't attacking, we were seeking salvation. I shook my head dumbfounded.

The knife plunged into my thigh, the burning sensation hit me straight away as I screamed. He stood closer, I could smell the sweat on him. His eyes bored into mine, "You evil inbred animal. You WILL tell me what I want to know" he spat the words at me, as he plunged the knife in again, this time into the upper left of my breast. Pain radiated out and I clenched my hands, as another scream escaped me.

"I don...I don't ..... know.....what you mean" I managed to get out. He walked away from me, considering something, as I felt the blood pouring out of my stab wounds. My head began to feel a little dizzy. He marched back to me and dragged the knife down my upper right thigh, and then began to push on the hilt, driving it deeper. The pain overwhelmed me as I screamed loudly.

There was a ruckus at the door, but I was too busy being engulfed by the pain to notice much. A cool hand was placed against my cheek as I looked up and saw the face of my mother. I knew I was dying as I looked upon her face, and I welcomed it knowing I would once again be reunited with her.

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