The Tardis

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Chapter Two: The Tardis

By: Dame Rose Tyler

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Rose and Romana headed for the Tardis fields. The Doctor wasn't kidding when he had told her they were grown, honestly she found the whole process quite amazing. Romana lead her weaving through the young Tardis', until they came to a type-40 that she recognized as if it were a part of her.

There it was, a blue police box, shinning in the corner of the field like a small gem of hope.

"Born from the Doctor's own Tardis this will be yours."

Rose jumped on Romana hugging her, laughing and crying all at the same time. Turning Rose ran for the Tardis and reached into her shirt to pull out the Doctors Tardis key.

"Will it work?" Romana nodded and Rose shoved the key in the lock and threw open the doors. Once inside, Rose couldn't stop the tears from falling. It looked almost exact to the Doctors, except the walls were silver and the jump seat had small stars embroidered on the fabric.

"It's beautiful. I mean, words can't even describe how I'm feeling right now." Romana smiled softly, she remembered the first time the Doctor had walked into his Tardis; Rose wore that same look he did. It was funny really; Rose and the Doctor were so much alike. It was almost as if the White guardian himself had made Rose just for him.

"Romana, can I ask you a question." Romana turned from her own thoughts and looked to Rose. Her face seemed almost sad as she fiddled with the time rotor controls.

"Sure Rose, anything for my adopted little sister." Romana smiled again to reassure Rose as she motioned to stand next to her.

"Will I ever be able to see this again? Will the Doctor ever be able to return here, to his home?"

Romana sighed, yet another question she knew Rose would eventually ask.

"This Tardis may be a type-40 like the Doctors rose, but it comes with so much more. Unlike the Doctors, this one has the ability to safely cross dimensions. So the answer to your question is yes. "

"Will he even want me to travel with him though, knowing I have my own Tardis sitting on Earth?"

Romana placed a hand on Rose's shoulder and waved the other across the control counsel.

'You see all of this, it was made from the Doctor's Tardis, that means once they get close enough to each other they will merge. The real question you want to ask is what the Doctor is going to say when accepts you as the commander."

Rose blinked, "What do you mean?"

Romana laughed and continued her explanations.

"The Tardis will recognize you over him because you have completed all of the training needed to fly a Tardis. You'll be able to fully bond with it in a way the Doctor has never been able to. Why do you think all of his landings are so rough?"

"Well, I guess that does explain a lot."

"Hey, maybe we can talk to the council, you know see if you can go and fetch him before your graduation. Maybe take your Tardis for a test run." Romana winked.

Rose could only blush, knowing exactly were Romana's mind was. She had always pressed Rose since they met with questions of hers and the doctor's relationship.

"I'll only be willing to do it if you can get the council to agree. I'm not going to pull a Doctor and lose all chanced of graduating the academy."

Romana nodded and walked towards the door. "I'll go speak with them now. You get acquainted with your new friend here."

"All right," Rose turned back to the controls, analyzing what did what and talking to her Tardis. Finishing a bond that had benn forming since she had looked into the depths of the Doctors Tardis once so long ago. She had yet to really understand what had happened to her since then, or how she had become what she was now. All she knew was that the council was to tell her on her last day, before she was to return to her home universe. Until that day she would not question it.

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