The Past Leads Forword

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Back to You (working title)

By Dame Rose Tyler

Chapter one: The past leads forword

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Ok, here it is another new fic, and yet another different approach to my fav couple. I'm going to keep coming up with ideas until I get some major reviews for a doctor who fic. I hope this is the one. I'm working really hard on it so I hope you all enjoy it. This is a beta chapter which will be remodeled after alternative sends it back, hopefully with a better title. That is unless one of you has a great idea for one. So read and REVIEW! Please?

Dame Rose.

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She remembered a time that seemed almost as if it was over a life time ago. A time when they had held hands and watch the Earth explode. So many adventures, so many times their hands had met in the face of danger. It was as if their hands falling together was a symbol of their hearts merging with one another. It was these memories that now seemed more like a curse then a gift. As if the mirror thought of these images alone burned what was left of her soul. The one memory that seemed to torment her most, that hunted her sleepless nights was the day he said good bye for the last time.

She could still remember the cold sea air that whipped her hair through its harsh fingers. The tears that fell from her eyes as she turned to see the Tardis fading for the last time, the human doctor as he reached to take her hand and grant her the comfort she needed from the pain of abandonment. The thing that hurt was the most was the promise he had made to her so long ago, the promise to never leave her behind and yet he continued to do it over and over again.

Still, three years later no matter how hard she tried she could never remove the image of the Tardis fading from view. He had left her with the human version of himself, in hopes that it would bring her the happiness she had sought with him. Of course they had married, had children and lived the most fantastic of lives. Like all good things it comes at a price though.

After years of countless adventures together, the human doctor began to notice things that no one else had caught. Not even his time lord counter part could have foreseen. He aged, as any human should; but Rose continued to remain youthful. She gained reflexes and knowledge that was inhuman. He had run countless tests until the answer became painfully obvious, she was becoming a time lord. The change was slow and would take over five decades to complete, but she was going to live for a very long time regardless.

So they did the only thing they could, they lived. Rose took the time to care for him in his old age of course and her children when they reached old age as well. That's what had finally brought her to this point, three-hundred years later. Her name lost to time, like all those who would remember it. Her family and friends long since buried. The song of time was her only companion now, a song she had heard once long ago hunted her now. The song of the Tardis was her only companion now in a world that never knew her.

She spent her granted time wisely though. She educated her self across the world, learning languages and sciences that once boggled her mind. She set out to learn anything that would one day help her find her way home.

It was four-hundred years after the death of her husband when they had finally discovered her existence and took her from the Earth. Gallifrey was still there and they had taken her home, vowing to return her to her universe. Romna, the current high president had taken her under her wing. She welcomed Rose into her house, granting her citizenship and time at the academy.


"Young Rose, how are you fairing in the academy these days?"

Rose turned from her current book on Gallifrey history and smiled at Romna.

"Quite well actually, the headmaster said it should only take two more classes for me to be granted my Tardis."

Romna nodded and turned back to the current official papers she was working on.

"Would you like to pick one out now? I mean, save your self some time considering the bonding process."

Rose smiled, only Romna would consider breaking the rules to help her. She knew it was only because of her own past with the doctor. The history that they had also once shared before the time war destroyed all that they knew.

"I'll only do it if you promise me that they won't force me into an early regeneration. I mean I want him to recognize me when he sees me. You know how it is, one shock at a time."

Romna laughed at Rose's comment, knowing full well she was talking about the Doctors own past that she had been more then willing to share with the fledgling time lord.

"I'm sure that would be the least of your worries Rose."

"Yeah, I guess your right. The fact that I'm going to show up in a Tardis alone will more then likely be enough on it's own to send him into a regeneration. Speaking of which, is there any way for the doctor to have more regenerations?"

Romna knew that was a question she would ask eventually.

"Well there is one way; it just depends on how far the Doctor is willing to take your relationship."

Rose turned to Romna and placed her book on the table beside her.

"Oh, do tell." Her eyes glittered with excitement.

"You can bond, that way you would share regenerations. The only issue is it hasn't been done since before the Doctors first regeneration. So, I'll probably have to send the book with you to make sure he does it right. You know how he is, always taking short cuts."

Rose nodded and smiled as she thought of her own experiences with the Doctor.

If only he knew that they were still here, and how much they thanked him everyday for the sacrifice he made for them.

I felt it was a great place to leave you wanting more, so review and I may just grant your wishes.

~Dame Rose

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