What Comes After (Episode 6)

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September 30, 2018 Krakze Approval House

The Camera shows many screenshots of newspapers with the frames moving. Some headlines read "Krakze House to Close for the first time since 1932" as well as "Congress Takes Action". Within the moving frames a tall woman with wavy brown hair eyes the camera while standing infront of the House, flashes of cameras flicker within her eyes and the camera goes within the moving frame. Distant birds tweet to each other about the woman preparing her speech towards the cameras. 

Hollie Harkaway: With recent events of the missing person; Jasmine Clyde, the death of a non-mag Evan Frontson aswell as the death of Witch Chelsea Williams and multiple missings of witches and wizards surrounding the Los Angeles and San Diego Areas. It has become clear of the High Congress of the Magical Government of United States to close the Californian Magical School; Krakze Approval House. This new order has been agreed to expire on October the 30th if no magical being from the Krakze Approval House or any non-mag associated with them dies or goes missing during this time period from suspicious activities. 

Woman in Audience: So what does this mean for the students?

Man in Audience: We need answers! What is happening with the Witch Hunters for the missing of Chelsea Williams?

Hollie Harkaway: That is all that is being answered for today.

Hollie is then escorted by men in blue suits who walk her towards a beaming black dragon that as soon as Hollie sits comfortably onto it, she takes one more glance towards the cameras and in a split second disappears. The audience and news reporters start to get aggressive with the answers and disappear into the wind with anger. 

Woman in Audience: Burn the witch hunters!

The men and women within the audience start to protest against the men in blue until their anger and shouting turns into a black screen.

October 22nd, 2018, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Two cloaked men stand where two windows are supposed to be, although there is nothing there they stand atop a tall dome building. A dark skull is painted into their hands as they fall off and develop into a sudden black cloud. They manage to distance themselves and land onto two buildings that show a clearing with about thirteen people walking up and down the street in the dark. The two cloaked figures point their hands towards a blue and pink shimmering building as two lasers of fire beat their way to building. In a matter of seconds, the building is completely on fire. The two men laugh and make their way to another building where they do the same.

29 Days Later

October 29, 2018, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

24 Hours before the Re-opening of Krakze House

The camera now floats North over a field of the wildest pumpkins and wheat. In another distant field it can be seen various different shades of orange, yellow and purple with the most tangled woods surrounding all the delicate farms. The farms eventually lead to a concrete path with both sides of the woods creeping closer to the walkway. The camera lowers down and onto the path where a visible house is seen to of been destroyed perhaps by a bomb or a fire. The closer the camera gets, a clear and visible electrifying but bubbly sound appears until the camera crosses over a shimmering blue and purple bubble dome and the house turns into a beautiful multi-colored several story house. It carefully floats through a window where everyday tools work in mid-air by themselves such as the broomstick sweeping the clean floor, or some weird brush with eyes carefully wipes a mirror spotless. The house seems mostly cramped with the kitchen only five steps away from the living room. A small creature with pointy ears carefully fixes the sofa's cushions and steadies them with perfection and from around the corner a fox haired girl and a lavishing brown haired girl appear.

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