Part 23 - Masturbate

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"Ohh guys, don't think otherwise" I shook my head and I pinched Calum's stomach.

Please wake up,Calum.

Calum hummed and tighten the hug. Don't hug me,boy.

"Calum...." I pinched his stomach again few times.
"What?" He groaned and looked at me.

I was eyeing behind him. He turned around and shocked when all of the were looking at him.

He accidentally fell down from the couch. They laughed on him.
"Dude,since when both of you become comfortable till cuddled each other?" Ashton smirked.

"Actually....why not?" Calum looked up to them. I knitted my eyebrows. What?

"Because all of you have your own cuddle partner while me and Nat didn't have anyone. So,why not? It's a cold night and I also didn't know where to sleep when all of you already slept around here" Calum smoothly spoke about it.

"You like it huh?" Kaykay smiled.

"You like her huh?"
"Kinda" Calum smiled.

"Calum loves Nat!" Michael laughed.
Both of us looked at each other.

"I told you,Cal. You should ask her for a date" Luke chuckled.
"Oh shut up" I threw the cushion to him.

"I can't believe you guys still best friends and not lovers" Crystal playfully rolled her eyes.
Calum looked at me and winked.

Then,they cleaned up the living room. Folded the blanket and so on.

"How can your words make them believe that we're just friends?" I whispered to Calum.
"I knew my friends" Calum smiled.

"Yes, but we still almost caught up because you're hugging me" I poked his nose.
"Almost but not yet" Calum rubbed my hair and messed with it.

I smiled and went to my room for the shower. Almost.

"Bebe...stop it" I laughed.
"Why I should stop?" Calum bit my neck lightly and tickled my stomach.

"Because It's fucking ticklish" I non stop laughed and hit his hands. I tilted my head to the side.

"That's what I want you to feel" Calum looked at me while smiling. The biggest smile.
"Okay, but they might be heard us" I looked at his plump lips.

"They're sleeping. They won't here us" Calum kissed me on my lips. I smiled and moved to sit on him.

Calum suddenly let out the soft moan when I accidentally sat on his crotch.
"Opss, I'm sitting on the wrong place"

"Such a teaser" Calum held my neck and kissed me harder.
I moved my butt on his and I felt his little erection under me. I moved mine more.

Calum arch his back. I grabbed his back hair and made him groaned.

"I love you,honey lips" he licked my lower lip.
"I love my bebe too" I smiled.

Calum moved his hand and grabbed my butt make me hummed. I bit his lower lip harder and sucked on it.

"Hon....shit" Calum pushed me onto him more when I'm moving off from his crotch.

Calum's pov,

Out of sudden, I heard the knock. I'm very sure it's not on the television. It's at my door.

Natashya stopped kissing me and looked at the door too. "What are we gonna do now?"

"Just stay here" I hid her under my blanket. She's hugging me on my waist. Thank God she's tiny compared to me.

I cleared my throat. "Come in"

"What the hell are you doing?" Ashton appeared on my door.
"I'm trying to sleep" He continued.

"Just watched the movie" I looked at him innocently.
"I heard the laughs in here and I also heard like the moans. Is that came from you? But I also heard the girl's laugh" Ashton rubbed his sleepy eyes.

"What? I'm not and no girls here. Duhh? "
"Then,why are you not sleep yet?" He stared on me.
"I can't sleep"

"Nat gonna be so mad if she knows you didn't sleep yet" Ashton shook his head.
"Just don't tell her" I smiled.

"Whatever" Ashton turned around and walked out from my room.
I looked under the blanket.

"Are you masturbating?" Ashton suddenly appeared at my door again. I shocked to hear what he said.

"I'm not" I fake my laughed.
"But you looked like you just did it. You're sweating and covering yourself under the blanket even it's hot here"

I choked on what Ashton's said. Mate, my girlfriend a.k.a our bodyguard with me now.

"Why the fuck you think that?" I stuttered.
"I told you, I heard the moans and I'm sure it's from you" Ashton laughed and tot out from my room.

I'm glad he's gone now.
"Are you masturbating?" Natashya mocked Ashton and she quietly laughed on me.

I pinched her cheek.

"Fun to hear that" she sat on the bed.
"I forgot Ashton is a light sleeper too. Just like you. Too bad his room is right next to me" I sighed.

"And too bad I have to sleep in my room tonight" she got off from my bed.
"Huh? Don't leave me now" I groaned.

"I'm sorry bebe. I have too. I didn't want him to hear anything from us again" she pats my cheek.

"But... I never sleep alone" I pouted.
"Oh stop being childish" she chuckled and went out from my room.

I groaned. No cuddles.

For how long they want their relationships to be a secret. Right?

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