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Remember when I said I loved waking up to good news?

I wasn't sure whether my drunken mistake was something I needed to correct or something to try out.

Family members,old friends,concerned fans had flooded messages,Instagram,Twitter. I didn't want to look at any of the messages at all because I just wanted things to simmer down before I address them. I had went on my platforms to declare a break from social media but confirm the situation between David and I. I got some backlash but nothing else.

Messages that were about David's new vlog that my heart was thumping to watch. Once I heard him say my full name and the word "marriage", I closed my eyes tight to react to the headache I got remembering what happened.

The devil works hard but David Dobrik, putting out a vlog, works harder.

I physically had to put my phone done and couldn't watch the rest of the vlog until the pain passed.

I sat with my head in between my hands for some time until Blanca knocked on my door suddenly.

"Come in!",I said loudly.

She shyly came in but with a stern face,she greeted me.

"Hey Blanca. What's up?"

"Ay Miss. Y/N,"she sighed with disappointment.

'Fuck. She's knows,'I mentally scorned myself for disappointing her with this news. The bad part was that a tiny bit of me wanted to come through with this marriage but for now it's time to get lectured by Blanca who was basically my mom anyways.

"What's wrong?"

"You know what? I made mistake. I should've said Mrs. Y/N,right?",she teased giving me a preview of the lecture.

I couldn't help but laugh,"I know I know. I made a mistake but we could benefit from this."

"In what way? You are young and with lots of money, you said you would never let anyone take advantage of you because of this. You do not know love and especially marriage,mijita(tender way of saying honey or baby)."

I leered to my floor to avoid her gaze but she kept on her speech. She was right that I had made a promise to be more aware in the type of people I allow into my life but David was different though.

"Marriage takes a lot of work and you just met this man. He seemed nice but he could take advantage of your money and name."

"But if I do this, you could be seeing your cousin a lot-"

"Do not do this for me. Do this for you. Dios (God) knows that isn't my life and I have ways to keep in touch with her. The question is: Do you want to do this?",she asked me intently.

I sighed as I thought hard about her question,"I don't know."

"Yes. Say that while your up in the alter saying your vows. That's gonna cut it,"she mocked as she playfully hit the side of my head. I laughed at her actions and she shook her head.

"I love you,Blanca,"I said dragging out the last vowel in her name.

"Love you too,Miss. Y/N,"she said getting back to cleaning for David who was gonna come by in maybe 2 hours. He had texted at 6am after the vlog was done but nothing about the marriage.

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