chapter two

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(hayes POV)

once aubrey lefted to go take a shower I asked my mom if she could stay the night and she said yes so I texted her

*text convo*

M-hey do u wanna stay my mom said u could

A-ya sure ill be over in about 20 mins.
*end of convo*

I walked down stairs and sat on the couch and watched my little pony with skylenn till I heard a knock on the door. I walked over and opened it just to get attacked with a hug by aubrey she jumped up and wraped her legs around me and kissed me "whoa u where gone for an hour whats up" I asked "she hoped down and smiled "aaron just texted me and told me that a magcon tour was this comeing up this weekend" she said that and I screamed and kissed her agin then nash came running down stairs "I'm guessing u guys heard the news" we pulled apart and shook our heads "lets go watch a movie in my room" I suggested once I said that she grabed my arm and drug me upstairs. She ploped down on my bed as I put the notebook in one of her favorite movies she got up to use the bathroom and I layed on my bed and skiped all the previews when she came out she sat on me and laughed she leaned down and wispered in my ear "im so happy to be yours" she kissed my cheek I looked at her for a secound our faces hovering inches away from each other I lifted my head up and our lip crashed into each others I kissed her with passion and she played with my hair soon the movie came on and she rolled off of me I looked at her with a why face with a puppy dog look "this is my favourite movie" and with that she gave me a quick kiss and the movie played.

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