"You need to stop scaring me,"I lectured as he laughed.

"You make it too easy!"

"Why'd you choose this place again?"

"I like how trashy it is. More people to film,"David shrugged as I grinned into the cold wind.

"Let's go. I'm freezing,"I said,not wanting to get caught up. I was partially lying but the hug seemed intimate to the point of it being weird.

"Want my jacket?",he said immediately. We walked past the bouncer who I was glad avoided eye contact with me.

"No,no. Let's just sit down,"I said entering the bar that was dim. There were some people there but no one looked my way thankfully. It was strange but I marched along with David who guided me to stools where the bar was.

He rejected drinks since he told me he was a lightweight just like me. He didn't like it most of all since he preferred being in his right mind all the time.

Conversation got pretty hazy after he kept buying me drinks. I was still looking at David like a friend at this point but I remember how the dim light made him look more attractive to me. Or maybe it was the drinks. In the moment, I didn't worry about how it would be weird to be attracted to him so I let on.

We talked about the most random of things and about our personal lives. He was really interested about it and seemed to know a lot about me as I did knew about him.

Davids eyes were about the softest dark brown that brought me a level of comfort when I stared directly in them. Fortunately,I could stare at them all I can when I held a conversation with him. After some laughs, we spiraled our way into deep talks. Starting with his concern for his citizenship and how he was able to stay in the US.

He seemed somber to talk about such a topic. I almost felt the need to stop him all completely but change the subject but I didn't. His eyes that once comforted me were filled with anguish and the instinct to hide it away with comedy.

"If I could travel,my vlogs would be so much more fucking interesting. It kills me that I can't do anything outside of the country,"David ranted and rolled his eyes as he stirred his drink. He had gotten a lemonade that was strawberry and had tiny bits of baby kiwi. You know ,the drink of a real man.

"Why can't you?",I slurred. I remember how many drinks I had and I stopped to take one more sip that I promised myself would be my last. I felt my body buzzing from the alcohols effects. My mind went a little hazy but I was still focused on David. At one point, I was convinced there was two David's with twice the amount of a drink for ladies.

"I'm under DACA. It's kind of the only thing letting me stay in the country,"he chuckled and stopped suddenly,"I'm not really a citizen so I can't leave or I might not come back."

"Oh,"I said absorbing his sadness I put my hands over his one that was over a coaster. It looked fake that a man of that power and stature can break down his walls(lmao Trump walls) and let his problems known,"How soon?"

"Soon. Any day any minute any year,"he rocked his head back and forth as I let my eyes grow wide. "T-That's not fair. You have every right to be here. You're working and you're so special,"I rambled as the drinks took full control of my body. I almost had fallen of the stool but thankfully David looked the other way in embarrassment.

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