Wedding Bells

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As soon as I left from shooting Jason with a paintball gun, I wasn't even home yet when David invited me to a bar for the next night. He seemed very eager too. Before that he had sent a text that warmed my heart although it was simple to the max.

David Dobrik📸:

We had fun having you here! Especially since everybody wanted to see Jason get shot after his dog ripped one of Todd's Balenciaga shoes apart. Hope you come again to bless this house of an actual pure soul and not demons of YouTube.

He seems to be very determined to keep me in contact but I have seen the vlogs so I know his business mindset. He could just be securing his views. I responded quite quickly and sent him a Thanks the best way I could.

I also organized a goody basket for him to get maybe in two or three days. Well not me, my assistant,but it still had my heart and soul in it. I added some chocolate treats, AirPods since companies sent me stuff,some Chipotle merch that I had to order, and some men's watches that I had no use for.

The rest of the day went as fast as I could count,in fact, I could barely keep track of the hours.

The night came and David again texted me:

"Hope you can make it to Harlowe's. I heard you went there once and enjoyed it but we're here to make it more enjoyable than the fruity margarita that got you blacked out drunk( again,blame the paparazzi)"

He referred to that stupid bar that everyone thought I was drunk at but between me and you I faked it because my friend and I thought it'd be funny to get drunk off sweet tea. Or pretend to be drunk in our circumstance. That friend is long gone but luckily I had new ones.

I scoffed and responded back with the same playfulness that oozed through his text:

"I'm not going if I'm gonna get bullied."

"You will be missed",David said making me feel better about going out. I sent him a confirmation that I was definitely going and got dressed.

Maybe it'd be good for me to go and I really felt like I messed up by not going with David yesterday and not saying anything about his compliment. This way I'll leave no awkward feelings and get to know each other without that stupid first impression I made.


I stepped out of the black car and I waved to Ralph as he bid me a goodbye and asked for a time for me to be picked up. I didn't even know what time so I said I'd text him. This isn't really my style so I won't take long anyway.

The club had a neon purple lighting which sickened me with cliches. It was blasting pop music which was an annoyingly familiar sound that was a product of drunken girls.

I closed the car door and smoothed my dress. To avoid any chaos I was dropped off in the back,with a scarf draped along my head to hide face.


I jumped at the sound of a man's voice but David appeared smiling. I sighed out,thanking god that it was just him. He put both his hands down to calm me and shush me as we got looks from smokers that were outside.


He laughed and greeted me with a warm hug. I didn't even realize it was cold out until David's hug had warmed me. He lingered long until I patted his back and pulled away from him.

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