Chapter 7

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Munira's POV
I let out an irritating cough while I struggled to do my eyeliner.I've been wheezing and coughing a lot nowadays and I still refused to take medicine.To hell with it.I accidentally grazed my nose with my mascara wand as I let out another cough.

I quickly cleaned up as Chip was going to be here soon.Staring at my reflection in the mirror,the mini dress I had on was jet black with a slight flare from the waist down.It had thin crisscross straps with a lace back.I let my long hair loose in its curls as it swayed against my hips.
Was it too nice? I didn't want to give the wrong signs because I didn't really like him that way.You know what I'll just wear house slippers and carry a pom pom bag to mask my dress.

I heard the doorbell ring and I scampered to open it.

"Hey." Chip whirled around while fixing his hair.
His eyes widened as he openly checked me out.

I chuckled softly.

"You look so...You look.Nice." He stuttered anxiously and cringed at the choice of his compliment.
"You look.Nice too." I teased him.

But honestly he looked dapper.His hair was tousled in beach waves.He had on a grey v-neck with black skinny jeans and a dark denim jacket over himself.His pair of white Yeezy sneakers screeched as he leaned in.

I inwardly cursed at my choice of shoes.
Oh well...

"A daisy for the lady." He flirted as he handed me a pink flower.
"Thank you." I tucked it into my bag gently.

'I made you a little something...'
A deep voice mumbled in my mind.

"Wait how did you know my apartment number? I only texted you the location?" I asked while flattening my dress creases.

"Ooohh...Umm...I just.Your neighbour told me on the way out when I asked her." He stammered while rubbing his hair again.

"Chip gimme a second.I'll be right back."
He nodded with a shy smile.

Once I was done, I quickly rushed out of the house.

"So where are we going?" I interrogated eagerly.
"A restaurant.I placed a reservation actually." He added.
I whipped my head to him in surprise.
"Chip,you said it doesn't have to be a date." Doesn't my house slippers confirm it?

"I said for you.To me it might be." His eyes were focused far ahead.
I sighed.
It has been long time since I went on dates.And it was only one guy.

'I'm gonna kill anyfuckingone who lands even a finger on you,you hear me?! Don't get me started on what I'm gonna do to you!'
His warning sent a shiver through my spine.His large hand grasped my chin tightly,forcing me to stare into his sinister grey eyes.His nose traced my jaw and I could feel his sanity diminish in the threatening silence.

I shook lightly,trying to calm myself.
"Hey you okay?" I felt a hand on my shoulder.
Stop thinking about him...

'Tell me you love me!" He pinned me down with a knife to my stomach,slicing my clothes up slowly.
That's it!
"You've been wheezing a lot.Are you not well?" He stroked my hair a little.
"Nah,I'm fine.Since we're on a date..."
I looped both my arms around his and leaned in towards him.I took a huge whiff of his spearmint cologne,trying to drown out my thoughts.
I could feel his gaze on me as I snuggled up to him but I couldn't care less.He pulled me closer to him as we strolled towards his ride.
"Oh my!We're riding on a bicycle?" I gestured to the turquoise Tribe bicycle in front of us.
"Um,no.The one behind it is my ride..."
Of course...

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