Chapter 2

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I awoke to the sound of water. Looking around, I see small antlers next to me. Noelle and I had fallen asleep at the waterfall. Dad will kill me once I get home.

Noelle moves a little, causing me to freeze. If.I move, she moves and I wouldn't have warmth, since Inhad wrapped my jacket around her. I was extremely cold, as I was only in a t-shirt and baggy jeans. If only hair could be used as a blanket.

Carefully, I pick up Noelle. I managed to walk back into the city. It was quiet. Usually, the weekends would make the city extremely loud with children playing and adults crying.

I walk to Noelle's home, knowing the mayor wouldn't be home. After all, I always see the mayor hurrying to work usually at 6 am. I don't know about her father though. Hopefully he won't be mad.

A small noise comes from my arms. Noelle had woken up. I put Noelle down carefully, letting her walk herself.

"Noelle? Hey, we're at your house. We fell asleep." I say, looking at her. She rubs her eyes, looking up at me. I see her face go red. Was she sick?

"Are you okay? Your face is red." I say, putting my hand up to her forehead. "If you don't feel well, I can take care of you."

"N-no! It's fine, really! How about we go in my home? My mother won't be here until six PM. She always works for fourteen hours." Noelle stuttered a bit, reaching for her house keys. She unlocks the gate, allowing us both.

I look at her yard, hearing Noelle lock the gate. There was a fountain right in the middle of the path way, the path just going around. For some reason, a rectangle similar to a calculator was spitting the water out.

Noelle's house looked as if there was enough rooms for the entire city. It was huge. I was able to see through a lot of the rooms from the first and second floor. Some were guest rooms, others were offices or what appears to be Noelle's.

"Alright! Are you hungry? We got lots and lots of food." I nod to Noelle. She gave me a close eyed smile. Noelle grabbed my hand, leading me into her home right into the kitchen. The short deer grabs a cereal box, a whole box of small chip bags, and soda. I carry the box, following Noelle to her room.

"Hold on. I gotta change. Here, you can use the guest pajamas!" Noelle puts the food down, giving me a set of clothing. I found a room, and changed there. The pajamas fit perfectly. There were small deer patterns printed on.

Heading back to Noelle's room, I wonder how I can get some food to Father. He would always expect me to steal something at school and eat at the alleyway. We were able to eat anything, but most of the tine we couldn't.

Tree bark? There's always the officer who yelld at me to stop destorying nature. Metal? It belongs to a building. A toy? A woman beat Father up for esting a kid's firetruck.

We didn't like most crap, so I just steal chalk and eat it with Father. It wasn't much, but there was not really any taste to hate it.

I walk into Noelle's room. She wore a short dress, which had dinosaur patterns on it. Noelle waved, motioning me to lay down next to her. She was playing a video game. The name appeared on the screen, showing she had just started. It looked so familiar.


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