Feeling Good.

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Even to me, it's quite hard to understand,
But I feel like in everything I have the upper hand.

This is even better than a good hair day,
Or my life not seeming so gray,
This surpasses some of my best days,
Which thinking about leaves me in a daze.

The grass looks greener,
And my reality is more blissful than that of a dreamer,
My cheeks are always raised,
And my thoughts are no longer self-sadistically crazed.

Maybe it's as a result of a pleasant ending,
Or an optimistic beginning,
But suddenly everything feels right,
And I am not worrying about yesterday or tonight.

Not even about tomorrow,
Because I know I can surmount any imminent sorrow.

I feel liberated,
Like a feeble phoenix rising out of the ashes delicately,
Whose wings have been invigorated,
And is flying high in the atmosphere eminently.

A/N: I hope you're having a nice day❤!

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