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Due to the next day being a Saturday, Aurora was extremely pleased to finally have the chance to sleep in

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Due to the next day being a Saturday, Aurora was extremely pleased to finally have the chance to sleep in. But of course, that didn't happen thanks to the Weasley twins somehow managing to sneak up some Dong Bombs into the girl's dormitory causing her to immediately leave the room.

"I hate you both," Aurora mumbled as she crossed her arms over her sweater that she managed to retrieve from her bed.

"No, you don't," George smirked at the girl as he threw his arm around her shoulders and began guiding her towards the Great Hall, Fred and Lee quickly following.

Aurora shrugged George's arm off as she walked faster than the rest of the group, almost running away from them and going to sit besides Harry, Ron and Hermione who were all watching the twenty students that were surrounding the Goblet.

"Anyone put their name in yet?" Aurora asked the trio.

"All the Durmstrang lot," Ron informed her, "But we haven't seen anyone from Hogwarts yet."

"Until now!" Lee shouted loudly; extremely close to Aurora's ear causing the girl to punch him in the arm.

"Well, lads, we've done it," George said as he and Fred stroll smugly into the Hall, each twin holding a vile of liquid in their hand.

"Cooked it up this morning," Fred added.

"It's not going to work," Hermione simply said.

"Oh, yeah?"

"And why is that, Granger?" George asked as he and Fred walked up to the fourth year girl, their smug smiles still comfortably plastered on their faces.

Hermione rolled her eyes, "You see this? This is an Age Line," she said pointing around the ring of blue that was around the Goblet, "Dumbledore drew it himself."

"So?" Fred asked.

Aurora rolled her eyes at the boy as Hermione slammed her book closed, "So, a genius like Dumbledore couldn't possibly be something pathetic as an Ageing Potion."

"Ah, but that's why its so brilliant," George said.

"Because it's so pathetically dim-witted," Fred added with a laugh as he and George walked closer to the Age Line.

Aurora sighed and stood up from her seat, "You better hope it doesn't work otherwise you won't die in the Tournament but in my hands," she whispered to the boys, causing them to gulp loudly before George firmly patted Fred's shoulder, "Come on, mate, don't listen to her. Ready, Fred?"

Fred quickly glanced down at the girl next to him, his eyes apologetic as he gave her a sad smile before turning back to his twin, "Ready, George," he confirmed with a nod.

"Bottoms up," the pair chorused before clinking their tiles together and gulping down the contents within seconds.

A large crowd gathered as they all watched in awe when the twins managed to jump over the Age Line.

"Yeah!" they cheered before they turned to the Goblet and on the count of three threw in little pieces of parchment with their names scribbled on them.

"Yes!" George cheered loudly as the flame engulfed the pieces of parchment, his cheer however was short lived as the blue fire in the Goblet turned a bright red before spitting out two pieces of parchment and knocking the twins back with such force they went flying to the other side of the Hall.

Aurora gasped loudly as she and Lee ran in front of the now forming group that was surrounding the boys.

"Merlin's beard, that is hilarious!" Lee shouted before laughing like a maniac as he and Aurora watched the twins grow long white beards as their fiery red hair turned grey.

Aurora couldn't help but snigger loudly as she watched the twins touching their faces which could hardly be seen due to the beards that would give Dumbledore a run for his money.

"You said!" they shouted at each other in sync.

"Oh, right, you want a piece of me?!"

"I'll tear your ears off!" Fred shouted at his twin before he lunged himself on top as they began to wrestle causing the crowd to laugh and cheer loudly.

"We're 'old-school' right?" George asked, his voice muffled slightly by the beard.

"Yeah, but you look older!" Fred fought back as they rolled around on the floor causing Lee to double over in laughter.

Aurora couldn't help but feel tears forming in her eyes due to her own laughter before she finally walked over to the two boys and pulled them apart, "Come on, guys, let's go to the Hospital Wing," she said causing the two boys to stop rolling around and stand up to face the girl, who was trying her best not to laugh anymore.

Lee led George away from the group as Fred and Aurora followed behind them.

"I still look good as an old man, right?" Fred asked causing Aurora to let out a small laugh before she ran her hands through his grey beard.

"You most certainly do."

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