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i sighed, leaning my head against the headboard of my bed as i watched my two best friends living their best life in a frat party. until i saw someone familiar in the video. i replayed a thousand times before i called charlie. she didn't answered my call and i tried timmy. nothing.

i quickly send a couple of messages in our group chat, hoping that they would see after the party. i laid down at my bed, trying to get some sleep with that video still playing in my head.

it was him. david, from five years ago. his face was something that i could never forget and i saw him on the internet. he changed a lot when i first met him when we were younger.

i was 15 and he was 17. our parents used to take us to an event in vernon hills because of their job. it was pretty boring, but i was head over heels for a boy that i only knew the name. that boy was david dobrik. we used to go to the same school besides the monthly event. we chatted a little and that made me fall for him. stupid, i know.

one night, he came to me, asking if i wanted to get out of there for a while. i quickly nodded and we went for a walk, talking about random stuff. when we sat down at a bench, he said that he saw me looking at him a few times and he was intrigued. i blushed with the comment and david continued, saying that he thought it was a little creepy but cute. i frowned my eyebrows asking the meaning of that. awkwardly, and david said that he liked me. my heart was pounding really fast and i couldn't speak.

then, everything after that happened really fast. he tucked his hand in the back of my head, pressing his lips against mine. i was in shock for a few seconds, but i calmed down, shutting my eyes and sliding my hands on his shoulder. it was my first kiss, but i wasn't nervous. david kissed me gently a few more times before we had to go back. he grabbed my hand and lead me back to the event without saying anything. when we got there, he was about to give me his number when my parents called my name, saying that they were leaving. when i looked back at david, he wasn't there anymore.

then, i haven't seen him anymore. i heard that he moved to la because of his career on vine or something like that. four years later i moved to la for the same reason. my sister insisted that i tried a model career and i was trying.

i moved with my two best friends from my childhood. timothée and charlie. timmy is very famous, he is an oscar nominated actor, and charlie is trying youtube and the model career. she currently lives with me and timmy lives in the same building.

right now, both of them were in a frat party while i was at home, freaking out. i couldn't go because i have a shoot tommorow morning. however, i was anxious about everything in the moment so i was having a hard time sleeping. and after an hour switching sides on the bed, i finally did it.


opheliar: morning la

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opheliar: morning la

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username: you're so pretty omg

username: can you please give us updates on timmy?
opheliar: he's sleeping rn

username: marry me

username: is she dating timothée?

charliemoore: good morning beautiful, you left me without breakfast
opheliar: you don't deserve bitch
charliemoore: rude

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