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I remember a time of my life when I valued friends and my time. However, I now miss the feeling of having friends since I convinced myself that being alone would protect me.

I ran into some fame that I didn't think would affect my life as drastically as it did. It's a factor of my limitations in any situation.

"Miss Y/N?"

I looked over to the familiar man that was driving me to a Starbucks that I had asked for. The drivers name was Ralph that I had offered the job maybe 4 years ago when I started working. I don't like talking about my job since it brings me to reality but money's good which I'm grateful for . Otherwise, I wouldn't have people working for me and maybe I'd have friends that haven't taken me for granted.


"I can get the coffee for you ma'am. I don't mind,"he looked and spoke with caution. His thick black hair was glowing in the sun that I shielded with some sunglasses. His finger tapping on the steering wheel anxiously. He usually was very protective of me but god knows I want to fuck around until I can't anymore and that worries him more. I appreciate it but:

"No it's all good. I need the sun,you know? I'll get your regular too,"I laughed and smoothed down my comfy clothes. I can't believe I left the house like this but I was in no mood to dress up to get fucking coffee. Besides,I convinced myself no one would recognize me since I didn't wear much of this in public.

I grabbed the nearest thing in my drawers which was a maroon hoodie that I bought from some videos I watched when I get bored on planes or whenever I want to smile. It was probably the first thing I bought with my money,mostly sentimental value and shit.

I loved the fact that people all around the world were smiling at the same thing I was smiling at. I know every name,to every inside joke, to each relationship.

"Be careful,Ms. Y/N"

"Your just saying that cause I control your paycheck,"I playfully scoffed as he smiled.

"My kids having a Christmas depends on you,okay?,"he joked before letting out a ,"be safe."

I closed the door and pulled my hoodie up and giggled to myself while walking up to the coffee shop. It's hard to explain what I was giggling about but it was like playing hide and go seek with the whole world. I was hidden in plain sight and sneaking around unrecognized was a challenging game.

So I went in discreetly,it was somewhat busy but nothing I couldn't handle. The cool air was refreshing in the LA heat that dried me of any energy. Maybe about 10 people who were on laptops or chatting. I spoke quietly but clearly to the cashier who looked friendly and eager to take my order.

"Will that be all?",the cashier chirped. She had short purple hair and immediately got my attention. My shady attire must've gotten hers too.

"Yes,"i said as I  took out money to give.

"W-Wait are you-"

"Not out loud,"I began.

"Holy shit"

"I know. The service here is amazing by the way,"I  said laughing as I handed the cashier the money. Her hands frantically began to work but they seemed shaky.

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