The One With a Wave of Emotions

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Her smile shone like the north star.

It would always be the first thing anybody noticed about her.

You would catch yourself wondering, could a smile that picture perfect be real? But yes, that smile crossed her face thousands of times daily.

She was a mess in the most humanly way possible. Everything about her felt like home. From her warm laugh, to her ability to make you feel like you had known her for years after just a few minutes.

She always wore yellow and her room was a splatter of the bright color everywhere. She was such an easy person for people to love. Maybe it was her slight twang of an accent or the hint of coffee scent that seemed to follow wherever she went.

She once had an aura of innocence but had lost it over the 5 months they all shared together. Whether that was a good or a bad thing was still up in the air.

She fell to the same things they all would.

The numbness they began to crave.

She changed as time passed.

A broken heart was truly the turning point.

You might ask, how could anyone break her heart? She was so pure and so good.

Yet he broke her in the worst way possible.

It was a slow fade from yellow to black.

From smiles to a face of unbroken indifference.

She was tired, not from lack of sleep no, but from falling for lies again and again.

Yet she still loved, with all her heart.

In fact no one could ever make you feel more loved than her.

She went out of her way to care for people, and boy did she care ever so deeply.

So deeply it often allowed people to hurt her. But she would care anyway.

She was a wave of emotion. So strong it would knock even the most ice cold off their feet.

She felt everything in every way. 

Although she may have turned dark in appearance, no matter how hard she tried she would never be able to hide her heart of gold. 

She was good through and through. she would never be able to play the villian no matter how hard she tried. 

She will always remain the one that changes the most throughout all these stories. 

She's always trying to find herself, if only she could see how beautiful her real self was. 

Her name was Sarah. 

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