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Chapter 20

- Mia White -

When we arrived at the mansion, Ben and Sarah practically raced out of the car and to the front door. Jacob and Charles were still at awe with how big the house was, making me chuckle.

This was where Ace or Ben would have all their parties, what would you expect? Also, the fact that Ace's is a billionaire, I feel like you'd expect this from him. Or, at least Ben.

"Hurry the fuck up, Ace!" Ben yelled.

I looked back at Ace to see glare at Ben before locking his car. Although I was ahead of him, I didn't take him long to catch up with me. One thing I always hated about being small was that whenever he took one step, I took two.

When he was beside me, I noticed his change in pace. A small smile made its way across my face, and I looked up at him. He smiled back before slowly wrapping his arm around my shoulders.

He was hesitant at first since I could feel the waves of tensions he was emitting. But he relaxed the moment I didn't push him away.

"Walk faster man!"

Before Ben could complain any further, Ace threw his keys towards Ben. Catching it with ease, Ben unlocked the door, grabbed Sarah, and dragged her inside. Levi took the keys and handed them back to Ace before following the two inside.

Jacob and Charles asked Levi were one of the arcade rooms was; so while they were gone, Ace and I sat down at the bar.

"He's gonna make us some drinks," Sarah said. "His own creations."

"Are you sure you want to trust him with that?" Ace asked.

Sarah shrugged. "If it kills me, at least I won't have to go to school."

"Ew!" Ben exclaimed. "Don't even talk about school! Uni is gonna fucking kill me."

"That's what you said about high school," Sarah chuckled.

Speaking of school though, Levi, Ben, and Ace all applied for the same university. They were all accepted in, and Ben was surprised that they actually considered him.

He made sure everyone read his acceptance letter just to be sure he wasn't being delusional.

When Ben was finished, I was reluctant to taste it while Sarah drank it in one go. At first, it tasted sweet but had a little spice. However, it held a bit of an after taste.


"Not bad," Sarah said. "What is it?"

"Yours is vanilla vodka, pineapple juice, and Grenadine. Mia's is just Fireball and Arizona Mucho Mango."

"It's good, but not for me," I shrugged, handing the drink to Ace. He grinned, taking the drink form my hands.

After our time at the bar, all of us separated to do what we could do at the house. I was with Sarah for most hours, and sometimes Ben would join us. We had gone outside to the pool, and while Ben and I were splashing water at each other, and him trying to drown me again, Sarah was tanning.

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