Chapter 5: What?

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What the fuck just happened?!

***ANDY'S POV***

Why was CC jumping down from Jake's Bunk? They couldn't have. No. Jake Isn't that way. He isn't... Gay. Maybe he is. Damn! I start running after CC, Jake, Ashley, and Savannah to find out what happened. I open the door to see Ashley up in a nearby tree, CC sitting on the ground laughing, and Savannah with Jake trying to get Ashley down from the tree. What a band we have. Ashley jumps down from the tree and goes over to CC. "So. When were you gonna tell me?" Ashley says to CC with a big smile on his face. "I didn't plan on it anytime soon." CC says kicking rocks with his head down. Ashley looks at him laughing and lifts his head up to where they are looking at each other. "Well, If you and Jake were gonna be that loud, We were bound to find out sometime." Ashley brings CC in for a hug. Next thing I hear is sobbing coming from behind the bus. Ash, Savannah, CC, Jake, And I walk behind the bus to see Jinxx in a ball crying. "Hey, Jinxx. What's wrong?" I say leaning down to Jinxx. "It's nothing really. I'll be fine." Jinxx gets up and walks into the bus leaving us all there questioning what had just happened.


I couldn't tell them. Not now at least. We have 20 minutes until the show so I think I should go fix my warpaint. It takes me 10 minutes to fix all my warpaint so now I have to haul ass to the venue. I start to run when I am pulled into the bushes next to the venue. I scream really loud then the person covers my mouth. "Shh. Your gonna make people stare!" This person says really quietly. It kinda sounds like Jake. I shine a light on the person. They kiss me ever so passionatley. "Who are you exactly?" I say shining my flashlight on their face. I-I can't believe this... Me? No. He must be drunk. This isn't right. H-He has... What? I begin to kiss him again. He pulls me on top of him and he tries to rip off my armor that I usually wear when we preform on stage. "I have to go preform." I say and start to fix my armor and walk out of the bushes when he puts his hands on my waist. "Don't you mean, We?" He kisses me behind a wall and we walk hand in hand into the venue. I might actually have him in my life now. Not really who I was looking for, But I really love him. I have for 3 years now. He is gonna be the best thing that will ever happen to me. But, What about CC? What's gonna happen? Did I just ruin his Life? Well I just have to suck it up and play a good show for everyone. This will be interesting.
Chapter 5!!! Really short! Sorry. WRITER'S BLOCK!!! Dammit. Chapter 6 will be up very soon!!

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