Talk 2

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John: so are you going to explain?

You: Joseph was my best friend other then the girl you called that night. We were playing spin the bottle at some girls party and I spinner and landed on him. Obviously me being me I kissed him- on the cheek. He claimed that he felt sparks but I said no and he just clinged on since then. One day he asked me to fake date him and I couldn't say no as he had done so much for  me. But we only gave hints that we were dating nobody thinks it anymore. There's the whole truth about him

Johnny: wow and what about Zephan

You: he's just an internet best friend. I love him as a best friend. Nothing more. Okay? So if I say that to him don't get annoyed. Cause you get jealous easily. I mean it's cute but a bit awkward for you and the other person

John: okay okay. Calm down

You: do not tell me to calm down. I will express my feelings. Thank you very much

John: I'm sorry your highness

You: so John do you forgive me or do you still think I'm a big fat loser for being a stupid fool?

John: of course I forgive you. But from now on you tell me the truth from the beginning. Okay?

You: I will. I promise. Unless they tell me not to tell anyone

John: there is no unless. You tell me either way. Understand

You: yes I understand. Sir would you like your coffee now or later

Johnny: hilarious. Im so glad to call you mine again. It's been forever

You: I know it has. This time it won't end and you can always call me yours. I give you permission because I - I -love you. I love you. I love you Johnny Vincent Orlando!

John: I love you  y/n  y/m/n  y/l/n

You: not to ruin the moment but you pronounced my surname right!

John: you're adorable.

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