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After a kinda long and silent car ride all the way to school, you finally arrived.

You walked out of the car and thanked him, but he had other plans. He ran up to you and gently grabbed your shoulder.

"Hey! Wait....uh...let me uh-show you around, you might get lost."

I let a tiny smile come across my face as he let go of my shoulder and offered his help.

"Uh....yeah sure, that'd be nice."

He noticed you smiling and smiled back as you both walked up to the building. You quickly noticed a group of probably juniors and seniors staring you down. You especially noticed how all of them had bright blue eyes. They were peircing through you like bullets.

"Don't give them any attention, they won't hurt you," the Tate said as he caressed my back, obviously causing one of the blue eyed men to quiver and look away.

You quickly looked away from them and grabbed Tate's arm a little uncomfortable and you both walked in the school.

The inside was much more modern then your previous school. You had to go to the office first to get your schedule and ID card.

"Turn this way" Tate said as he motioned for you to go left.

The office reminded you that of a mix between a doctors office and an interrogation room in 70's police movies.

There was a lady at the front desk who was obviously spray tanned to due her orange-peach complection.

She gently handed you your schedule and she gestured for you to go into a room to get your ID picture taken. You didn't mind much for the Picture more of the fact you need the barcode on the card to get lunch.

You got everything you needed, and Tate showed you around the school and to your classes. To bad you and Tate only had two classes out of 7 together.

You noticed Tate was flirting a little bit every now and then, but you payed no attention to it. You figured he was just playing around .

The Bell rang and Tate walked you to your first hour in a rush.

"I'll pick you up after class and take you to your next class to help you get used to it."

"Um yeah...thanks again."

"Yeah, no problem. Well.. see you after class."

"Mkay. Byee." I waved and walked into my classroom. I instantly felt someones cold eyes staring me down the moment i walked in.

The one with the bright blue eyes.

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