Do you Need a Ride?

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I am normal. I have two parents, but they're both divorced. Thats normal, or that's what my friends Tell me. I do my make-up almost everyday. I wear decent clothes, I think.

My mom doesn't like me so I'm staying with my father in a well populated town. The population is probably like 4-5000 people. I got to a very normal high school, for the most part, and I cleanup well.

The only problem with me is that I don't fit in. No matter how hard I try. I thought maybe if I acted normal then maybe people would treat me normally, but.....they treat me like I'm invisible, so I'm going to a new school. It's a little further then my old school but still in the same town. I heard that there are more classes for fashion design there so I'm going there.

Today is my first day. I'm a little nervous but all in all ok with everything. Im only worried because I'm starting so late in the semester.

*You wore a black beanie, a bleached Jean jacket, black super skinny jeans and some black leather hightops. You tucked a white shirt into your pants. You owned a galaxy backpack.*

You walked downstairs and smelled something extravagant. French toast.

"Hey sweety, I didnt hear you come down," your dad said as he set a plate of French toast onto the table gesturing for you to sit down.

Your dad has always been very kind since the divorce. You always ignored him though. You were to scared that if you ever went close to someone then they wouldn't like you anymore.

You finished eating quickly, as you didn't want to be late on your first day of school.

"I'll be off now I'll see you after school," you said but your father stopped you.

"Do you want a ride Y/N, I mean it's a long walk."

"Its fine, I can walk," you said as you quickly rushed at the door.

"Hey! I don't really want you walking maybe I can call up Dylan's nephew and see if he can give you a ride."

Dylan is your dad's best friend. He has a nephew but you never cared to remember his name. All you know is he goes to the same school you're going to.

"It's fine dad. I'll be fine."

"Imma send for him. I'm not kidding it's not safe enough to walk by yourself."

You had an hour till school started, but you wanted to be early.

"Fine, but only because I wanna be early." You complied.

You waited awhile in the driveway until a, run down, red jeep pulled up next to you.

"Hey. heard you needed a ride," a large, tan, handsome, muscular man asked. He looked around your age(17). Obviously the nephew of Dylan. They looked quite similar.

"Um-uh ye-yeah." you stuttered.

You got in the passenger seat and put on your seatbelt while trying to hold your backpack against your chest, hugging it like its the last piece of pizza on planet earth.

"You can set that down on the floor...IF YOU Want," he quickly added and chuckled as you slowly set it down on the empty space in front of your feet.

"'re new..." He said trying to come off gentle.

"Yeah....," an awkward silence built up in the vehicle.

" already know im Dylan's nephew. But uh- I'm Tate by the way, Tate spirit."

"Uh, cool, I'm Y/N, Y/L/N" You tried coming off friendly, but cautious as you don't know this weirdly attractive male.

Hello everyone so this is chapter 1 of a dramatic and exhilarating story about vampires, werewolves, and humans. Thank You for reading don't forget to subscribe to get updates!!!....Like and tell your friends if you want.
I mostly made this because I was inspired by some twilight fanfictions, but don't worry this will be completely different from them. Just wait and see.

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