Chapter 001

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Wednesday: September 12, 6:46 am

Theodora's POV

I pulled my long jet black hair into a smooth ponytail on the crown of my head. My high waisted jeans hugged my hips all the way to my ankles where my high top red converse where tied. I picked out a red flannel and left it unbuttoned to show my plain white shirt underneath. I applied mascara and my favorite nude liquid lipstick.

"Theodora, come down here. Now!" The voice of my father echoed to my room.

"Coming father." I said. I grabbed my leather draw string backpack before leaving my bedroom. I walked down the long hallway and down the stairs.

I walked past the front room where the stairs came to an end, living room where one of my dogs was currently sleeping on the rug in front of the fireplace, the large dining area where a maid was wiping down the long table, and finally into kitchen where both my mother and father sat at the small circular table we used for breakfast.

"Morning Mom." I turned to my father who was dressed in a coal grey business suit, "Father." I nodded to him before taking my seat at the table.

"You know the rules. If we are to let you go to a public school you cannot draw any attention to yourself, you hear me?" My mother's warm voice sounded serious.

"I do understand. I can handle myself. I can't be late, I'll see you after school." I gave my mother a kiss on her cheek and turned to my awaiting father. I smiled and he opened his arms. I wrapped my arms around him and I felt his lips press softly on my forehead.

"Sii buono Theodora. Ti amo." He murmured into my ear before unwrapping his arms and straightening his suit. My father wasn't a bad or harmful man. He always made sure I was safe as I was his only child let alone his only daughter.

"I will father." I nodded once before taking my car keys from the table where I left them last night.

"Bye honey!" My mother's always light voice sounded to the hall where I was.

"Ti amo." I gave her a small smile before walking further down the hall and down a flight of stairs into the basement.

I went to the garage and walked over to my 2015 Yamaha matte black motorcycle. I pulled my leg over the side of my bike, Raven, and revved the engine. I drove through the garage and to the closed doors. I hopped off and punched in the code and the garage doors slid smoothly open. I put my helmet on and climbed back on my bike.

The drive to Silver Lake High School was fairly easy. I managed to get a parking spot near the front of the school but unluckily, half the school's population was there eyeing me curiously. I rolled my eyes and cut the engine. Once I was planted on the ground, I took my helmet off my shook out my hair. I checked it to see if my ponytail was still intact, thank god it was. I looked up and everyone's gaze was on me, more specifically, Raven. Ugh, people are annoying. I just have to get through the rest of this year and then we'll have to move again.

I walked through the main doors and went into the office building. I put on a fake smile and greeted the bored looking woman at the desk.

"Name?" She grumbled.

"Theodora Ales--Young. Theodora Young." I caught my slip up.

"Okay, here's a map and your schedule. Books have been provided for you in your locker. Go away now."

I heard her mumble something about how she doesn't get payed enough. I shook it off and went to my locker. Just like she said, there was a small stack of textbooks placed nicely into the top cubby of my locker. I put my helmet in the bottom and looked through my schedule.

Period 1: AP Chemistry ~ P. Martins ~ Room 412

Period 2-3: Calculus ~ O. Levis ~ Room 112

Period 4: AP History ~ K. Ian ~ Room 336


Period 5-6: English Language Arts ~ W. Reed ~ Room 293

Period 7: Free

Period 8: Gym ~ F. Williams ~ Gymnasium 1

Easy enough, I though while putting my chemistry books into my bag and taking everything else out. I shut my locker and slowly maneuvered my way through the halls when I felt a small figure bump me. I turned to glare at her but found myself apologizing.

"Crap, I'm sorry." I say quickly as I helped the girl clean up her spilled books.

"No it's my fault, I'm the school klutz. Hi, I'm Sage." She reached out her hand. I took it and shook her hand still unsure of her.

"Theodora." I gave her a small smirk.

"Nice name. Are you new here because I've never run into you before." Sage blushes in embarrassment.

"Um, yeah. Yes I'm new here."

"Cool. Maybe we can hang out sometime. If not that's totally fine, you know what? I'm going to leave before I make a fool of myself." Sage didn't make any eye contact as she started back away.

"Sage," I laugh. "I would really like to hang out with you sometime." I gave her a smile when she finally decided to look up. She was really pretty. Her short blonde hair was cropped at her shoulders and her pale green eyes were so child like. She was wearing a grey shirt with bleached jeans and white vans. She had on a nude colored cardigan and matching lipstick.

"Let me see your schedule." Sage held her hand out.

"Okay?" I pulled it out of my bag and handed her the slightly crumpled paper.

"Great! We have Calculus, and Gym together. What grade are you in?" She looked me up and down.

"I'm a Junior. Why?"

"Because you look like a Senior and I didn't want to hang out with a Senior. I'm a Junior too!" Sage was full of a child like mind set and it made me smile. I could tell we were going to be good friends.

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