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Erin hadn't appreciated Gaige coming home with pink cheeks from running and without any homework. In her motherly mind, no homework was not a thing. So when Gaige just shook his head with a little smirk and simply explained how he'd managed to finish all his schoolwork in school, she'd narrowed her eyes. That had been fun for Gaige to see. 

Dinner consisted of small talk, Brad asking Gaige how his first day of school was, if he made it to his classes alright, if he made any friends. His answers were: Shrug, fine, no. He was not in his right mind going to consider Penny from first period a friend, nor was he going to mention anything to his father. And definitely not in front of Erin.

Gaige had finally made it to the Planet fitness to join for membership after some debate with his step-mother who believed his time would be better spent on studies on a school night than physical fitness. Debating Gaige could join a sports team if he truly wanted to work out, but not to waste Brad's money on some gym membership. 

Gaige cocked an eyebrow and explained how he was easily willing to pay for his own membership. He still had money from working at Mcdonalds in Flordia with Leon. Eventually, Brad surprisingly stepped in claiming it was good for a young man to be healthy and physically fit giving him ten bucks for the membership fee and five bucks for the bus when Gaige refused to drive Brad's car. 

Erin had left a Champion backpack on his bed. It was the nicest backpack Gaige had ever owned in life and it was in style but he forced himself to dislike it because Erin picked it out. It'd be an empty accessory on his back anyway, it'd never be full and if it was it'd be full of trash. Gaige used the new backpack to put work out clothes consisting of basketball shorts, a tank top, and a sweatshirt. Because while Gaige wanted to work out, he still refused to show off his body.

The next morning was the same whirl of half a banana, coffee, and sliding into the back of the Peterson sibling's car. Although this morning neither Milton nor Krista acknowledged. Krista was glued to her screen, and Milton was too preoccupied trying to keep his fingers clean of cream cheese. 

First-period History was more facts about the 1920s that Gaige already knew, and Penny quietly rambling about things Gaige couldn't hear half the time. Today her long hair was put up in a ponytail that she kept throwing around like she was Ariana Grande.

And, of course, Penny brought up Gaige's height as it's often brought up. It was completely surprising Penny didn't bring it up yesterday when they meant. 

"Okay, I really tried to hold myself back because I bet you get this question all the time and I know how it feels to repeatedly answer that one annoying question again and again," Penny rolls her eyes at the end of her rambling. They were supposed to be working on a vocab worksheet, "But, like, how tall are you?"

Gaige ran a hand through his hair, and when he pulled his hand down a few strands come down with it. It was like that now, with this malnutrition, his dirty blonde hair was thinning out. 

Gaige shook the loose hairs on the floor and tossed his bored gaze on Penny who tapped her pencil's eraser on the paper she was supposed to be filling out, "Six- six."

Penny's eyes widened, her mouth filling a little 'O' before returning back into a wide grin, "Wow, that's wild! And like, tall! I love it."

Gaige muttered a "Fantastic," And managed to finish his 1920 vocabulary sheet using google and not the textbook like he was supposed to. 

Lunch consisted of sitting at the round cafeteria tables and listening to Penny and her friend Carmen rant and ramble about fellow students and teachers and school work they didn't want to do. Simon was quiet, more a moody observer but occasionally butt into the conversation if he felt opinionated about it. Like Jacob Scones relationship with some girl name Paisley. 

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