Very Important Announcement

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Hello everyone, just wanted to give you all a surprise, I decided after a lot of thought and some encouragement and finally a private message from a certain reader (don't know if you're fine with me telling others what your username is) that I will continue publishing my book on Wattpad!! Since most of it has gotten deleted (by a certain phone >:( .... ) some of it will be different like some characters will be later in the book, Ace's pic is a bit different, etc. & I'll be trying to post chapters on Tuesday's or Wednesday's just depends on my schedule. But I'll have most of what I remember caught up soon. So be a little patient please & I will most likely know if there are errors because I type too fast so if you can just ignore them & I'll get to them at a later time, but if you have to correct me make sure there are no other comments on it please. Love you guys :)

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