Harmony Thorn

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Ever wished your life was different. I have. I wished my mom was alive. She died while giving birth to my baby sis who's now for years old. Since then it's always been us and dad.

I love them so much, dad works from five am till one pm. Then he picks up Emma from kindergarten. Me on the other hand, once I'm out of school I have to go work with the King's as a part time maid. I don't mind working, bills aren't gonna pay themselves.

"I really hate that you have to work after school. You should be out enjoying being a teenager, falling in love." Dad said.

"I know, but family comes first. And I have to help with the bills."

"You're a great girl, I'm proud of you." He hugged me. "I love you dad."

The next day I got ready changed Emma and had breakfast. After that I took her to kindergarten and I went to school. Since I was a straight A student, I have a full scholarship. I'm in the best school and it's also filled with rich people. Some are nice, some make fun of me cause I'm poor and cause I don't exactly wear design clothes. I didn't care about that, I just wanted to graduate and go to college.

"Harmony!" I turned to see my best friend. Donna.

"Can you believe we're in Senior year?"

"Finally. Then it's graduation and college." I said and she gave me a look.

"Well, I don't plan on going to college. I'll be travelling around Europe." She said while opening her locker.

"Lucky you. I'll be working my ass off for a year at the King's house, then college." I said while closing my locker door.

"Bright side, you get to see Shawn King. He's a hottie."

"Yeah, who has a snobby spoiled brat for a girlfriend." I rolled my eyes.

"Well, if I were you, I would make a move, be bold." I swear she's nuts.

"I can't, for one I can lose my job, and for two, we're from different social status. Besides I've been working there for a year and he's always busy, he only says hi and bye."

"Well, then you need to go on a date, you're almost eighteen and you've never been on one."

"Because dating is a no, I wouldn't have time for him. I'm not like you or any other girl here, I have to work to pay bills and food."

"Girl, you're in need of a girls night out. And this weekend we're going to my cousins club. You're in?'

"Fine, you're lucky this weekend I'm free." I said and she hugged me.

We're so opposites, Donna loves parties, I enjoy reading a good book or watch a movie while stuffing my face in junk food. She may come off as spoiled, but she's nice, she just loves to shop, she's always buying me clothes. I keep telling her no, but she doesn't listen. She enjoys buying me clothes. I only wear them when we go out. Which is rare, cause I'm always working and barely go out.

At lunch I sat with her and her boyfriend, Jesse. Who happens to be captain of the football team, he's actually nice.

But aside from me, she also happens to be friends with queen bee and her minions. This is not weird at all. If I haven't mentioned before. This school is mostly filled with snobby rich kids. Some are like me, on a scholarship. But the rest they were loaded.

"Donna, how's your charity case going?" Lola said. That's the queen bee's name.

"She's not a charity case, she's my best friend, respect her." She replied. I smiled at her defending me.

"Eww, you can't be serious? Girls, let's go." She said while getting up and left with her minions.

"Thank you, for a moment I thought you were gonna say something back."

"Never, and she's not my friend, you are. Well you're my best friend."

"Do I have the best girl or what?"   Jesse said while interlacing his fingers with hers.

"You do. Don't hurt her, she's one of a kind." I said and she smiled.

Clases were over, I went home to get change and to say hi to my dad and sister. Once I arrived, Emma jumped in my arms and made us fall. Dad just laughed.

"I missed you, sissy."

"I missed you too." I said while getting up. I put her on the floor and hugged my dad.

"Jut came to say hi and to change. Gotta go to work." I said before leaving. 

"I miss sissy, she's always working."

"Same, but you know your sister. She likes to help and we need money, princess." He said and she just nodded.

We live in a nice neighborhood, not a rich fancy one, but it's nice. I'm grateful for what I have.

"Well, I'm off to work. See you later family." I gave them a kiss on their cheeks then left.

Back to the mansion I go. I'm very tired, but gotta work, so good luck me in this new year there.

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