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THE APARTMENT WAS SPOTLESS, MOST LIKELY BECAUSE THERE WERE NO SIGNS OF LIFE INSIDE. If Aizawa hadn't specified that if was his, she would have thought that it was uninhabited. The white shelves, encased in a layer of dust that turned them a dull gray-ish color, were void of any pictures or jars or anything that she assumed would normally be placed on a shelf. There were no dirty dishes stacked in the sink or on the counter, which meant that this man either washed his dishes after every use, or he ate take-out and/or cup noodles the majority of the time. Glancing back at her uncle, she settled on the latter.

Her uncle was a strange looking man, for someone who didn't have a Quirk induced physical mutation. Unkempt black hair, unshaven stubble, and tired, I'm-dead-inside eyes, paired with the dingy black shirt and sweatpants gave off the impression that he was homeless, contrasting greatly with the well kept apartment.

If all the sleep deprivation in the world gathered together and formed a human, she thought, glancing once more at the man, it would be him.

She guessed that the rest of the place would be just as bare. That didn't bother her. It was just a bigger version of her room back home.

"You'll be staying in the guest bedroom," Aizawa said, moving to sit at a dining table that looked like it was rarely used. "Second door on the left. Unload your stuff, then come back here. We need to talk about your school." She nodded and walked off.

The door opened with a nudge of her foot. She checked to see if the doorknob had a lock. Satisfied that it did, in fact, have a locking mechanism, she turned her attention to the interior of the room.

Much like the rest of the house, it was white and empty of anything that would hint at a living creature residing in it. Scratch that; there was a cat. Ignoring the cat, the rest of the room was a blank canvas. The walls were a dull white, gray drapes covering a small window. There was a dresser, also gray. The bed was pre-made, a gray comforter with white sheets and two generic white pillows. Looking at it, she assumed that it wasn't often slept on. Who would want to? This room was depressingly drab in its color scheme.

She sat her suitcase on the bed, slipped her backpack off her shoulder, and moved over to the window, pulling pack the fabric to peer outside. The sky was pale, the sun just barely coming from the horizon, but the street was well illuminated by the street lamps that stood in a perfect row. She could see neighboring buildings, a few with bikes and toys in the yards. She would avoid those; she didn't particularly like young children.

There was a strong urge to unlatch the window and climb up onto the roof, perhaps take a walk around to map out the neighborhood. It wouldn't be unlike her to disregard an adult's orders and roam around unattended. However, the flow tugged at her, deciding that it was best to go ahead and unpack and then converse with her uncle.

With a sigh, Kendria turned back to her suitcase and flicked open the latches, first taking a moment to pet the cat and scratch its ears.

There was a cup of tea waiting for her when she returned to the kitchen.

It was light brown in color, steam curling from the surface and dissipating into the air. A pleasant aroma wafted up to meet her, promising heaven in liquid form. She slid into a chair, eyeing the tea warily.

"It's not poisoned." She froze, tensing at the sound of the muffled voice. A large yellow object, caterpillar-like and at least six feet tall, rose up from behind the table. Eyes widening, she activated her Quirk, though she made sure to keep her face expressionless. A blue shield encased her, a dome of translucent material that resembled tinted glass.

The yellow thing split down the middle, revealing her ever exhausted uncle. It was a sleeping bag, she realized, watching it fall to the floor.

Aizawa watched her reaction. "It took you seven seconds to use your Quirk, and you waited until the threat was visible before taking protective measures. If I was a Villain, you'd be dead, or at least injured." He sat down heavily across from her. "That will be something you work on. You have two and a half months until the entrance exam. Use that time wisely. I expect you to train hard." He sat back and waited, as if he expected her to argue about the short amount of time.

She curled her fingers around the cup of tea. "I can work with that," she murmured, maintaining eye contact with the man in front of her. "Tell me more about the exam." She raised the cup to her lips and sipped the hot beverage.

Her mouth twisted into a disgusted grimace, and she placed the drink back on the table.

She didn't like hot tea, she decided.



I'm sorry it Aizawa seems OOC? Like I don't really know how he'd act, having to take custody of a child for a year???

If y'all have any tips, suggestions, or even constructive criticism I'd be thankful.

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