he is bacc and i want to die

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Ok so first of all.

I want to thank yall for standing uo for me because of that homophobic bitch and it really means a lot to me♥

Second of all, this is not abt that homophobic bitch.


This is about my uncle.

This all may be triggering so dont read it.

I warned you.

Ok so I have two uncle's.

One is coming from my mothers side , who is still not married for some reason and also weird but he is still good person.

And I have....this 'uncle' coming from my fathers side.

Idk if I can even call him uncle.

So as I said before, we used to live in the same house and had shared playground etc...

Now lets get into big history of ny family, before I was born.

My uncle (we are talking from my fathers side) was married.

Idk when, but my mom tild me that he had wife and a son.

And guess what the fuck my dear uncle did?

He abused them. He fucking beat the woman and the child.

He came hime, drunk, probably cheat too, and beat them.

And yet I am supposed to call him my uncle!?

How can I call a monster my uncle?

I heard that they are doing much better now, even tho I never meet that other cousin.

And yes, he re-married with another woman, who I dont also even wanna call aunt.

Idk what you might think of me but my parents raised me to respect everyone, so I do....but not that man.

So lets get to it when I was around 10 years old.

My father used to have heart problems, idk why. But he went t surgery and idk-

Anyways, my uncle had a trouble with his car so my dad, as they are brothers, help him.

He gave him money, borrow him a car, helped him....

Till he got new car.

And after that, our car crashed down and guess what our dear uncle did.


He did not helped his OWN BROTHER who had heart problems, and needed to use bicycle to go down to the market during winters and stormy rains.

What kind of brother does that?

Anyways, things had been also worse with his wife.

This stupid b i t c h said such a disgusting rumors about us.

She said: they have lice, dont go there, they dont clean house, they are eating from garbage can.

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