Chapter 6 - Shocking News

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                                                Tianna POV

Ouch, my head hurts...i mean if you were crying yourself to sleep, wouldnt yours hurt too?? I started feeling around in my bed and realized that EJ wasnt there. I walked downstairs and no one was down here either. I wonder did everyone leave...*shrugs shoulders* I started for the backyard, right before I opened the back door EJ came in. He jumped and then started laughing.

        "OH! Bae you scared are you doing??" He said hugging me. He smelled funny and his speech was slirred. Then he started laughing uncontrollably.


        "Uhhhh, EJ you okay??" I asked concerned.

        "Yea, Im greeeeeaaattt!!" He said spinning around like a stereotipical rich white girl who just got asked on a date by a guy. What the hell is wrong with this boy?

        "What were you doing outside?"

        "I was enjoying that hippie life...ya know...brooooo" What the hell?? "Hey, babe, babe, babe, babe, bab-"

        "YES EJ!!"

        "I love you......... Do you love me??"   I was just staring at him like he was crazy. Then he started to get angry and started yelling.   "NO ONE EVER LOVES ME! NOT YOU, NOT MY MOM, OR MY DAD! NO ONE!" Then he stomped upstairs and slammed the door. Where did all of that come from? I have never seen this happen before...ever.  I got something to drink out of the fridge for me and him and I went upstairs to our room. I opened the door and he was sound asleep. this nigga possessed?? One minute he happy the next he sad...maybe he's bipolar...but he's never acted like this....I just sat the water down and laid next to him and just waited for him to wake up. We really needed to talk.

                                                           Jaida POV

These past few days have been crazy...word. I just been comforting Demetrice through it all. I got thirsty and went downstairs, Ray was down there too.

        "Hey bae." He said kissing me. I kissed back.

        "Hey...." I just sigh. I know, I know, 'I have a boyfriend and I aint supposed to be messing around' but, you see, when I was in ATL I started to catch feelings for Ray and he started catching feelings for me. We been dating ever since I got back home. We were a couple back in ATL and we used to go out and paparazzi used to take pictures of us. I still have the magazines, I just hid them from Demetrice. No one knows except for me and Ray.

        "What's wrong??" He asked concerned.

        "I'm just Demet-" He cuts me off with a kiss. He picks me up and puts me on the counter and starts kissing me somemore.

        "Jaida we need to taaaaa-WHAT THE HELL???" Demetrice yelled. I jumped off the counter so fast.   "So it is true! This magazine is true! How could you do this?? You aren't supposed to go out and cheat! Especially if you know what happened with me and Laysia! You know what? ......We are done!" He threw the magazine on the floor. Damn. So much for a secret. I looked at Ray and he looked at me. I ran up to Selena's room and barged in.  I'm thinking I should've knocked because her and Marc was doing the nasty from what I can tell. My eyes was just too blurry from the tears. I ran to my room and laid on my bed crying. I later heard footsteps and they were Selena's.

        "Sissy what's wrong??" I couldnt stop crying!

        "Demetrice...aljfdkjfdlkjalf me alkfja fd j....Ray ljlakjfljfdla kf ....cheating!!" I started crying harder. How could I be so stupid!!!

------DAAAAMMMNNN!!! Did ya'll excpect that at all?? But what you think Demetrice gonna do??

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